Thanksgiving and The Land That I Love

Here in America we set aside a little time each year to gather with our families and acknowledge the bounteous blessings that God has given us. No matter how hard life may seem sometimes, there’s always something to be grateful for.

Today, I’m especially grateful for America, my country. I love America. I love its history and the principles upon which it was founded. I’m grateful that my husband has been developing a passion for finding inspired ways to help preserve the freedoms we enjoy, and restore some of the freedoms that have been lost. You can help, too, by understanding the bigger picture of what’s going on, finding out why we don’t need to despair, and discovering what concerned citizens can do to honor the founding fathers’ dream peacefully and with optimism for our own future.

Here’s a message from my husband, Trevan:

If you are interested in the principles of Freedom, Prosperity, and/or Peace, then you’ll probably agree that the most important step we can take is to educate ourselves and others about what true freedom is, how it is achieved and maintained, and what we can do to restore America, peacefully.

I LOVE America.  I LOVE our Founding Fathers and I have confidence in the vision they had for America.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do you love America? (Do you REALLY Love America and what it stands for?)
  2. Do you LOVE the Founding Fathers and have confidence in the vision they had for America?
  3. Are you concerned about what’s happening in America?
  4. Would you like to know how we can help restore America, peacefully?

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One thought on “Thanksgiving and The Land That I Love

  1. I have gone to seminars put on by Skousen and people who have studied him. We were in Families for America in San Diego years ago. And my kids went to Benjamin Franklin Academy that Kimber started and ran for awhile. My oldest daughter even graduated from it. All great! We need to not be part of the problem by knowing what is expected of us to keep America FREE.

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