Blood Banks and Your Finances

Like blood in your body, it can be better to have a little money that flows well, than a lot that doesn’t flow at all.

I used to set money goals.  Over the years, we’ve achieved nearly all of them.  But every time we achieved one, we couldn’t really rest because it was always time to set another.  I looked forward to a day when we wouldn’t have to continually be scrambling for the next paycheck.

And then one day we were given the blessing of facing the fact that all the money reserves were used up.  I say it was a blessing, because what we learned in that moment changed our perspective completely.

I finally realized something.

We had previously experienced what it felt like to have a lot of money in the bank, and on that day we experienced the total opposite.  In the first case, we had a bunch of money in reserves, and zero cash flow.  In other words, we had not done enough in the way of creating income streams to replace the money as fast as we were spending it.

We weren’t spending frivolously; it was just the cost of living and investing in ourselves that was eating into our reserves, and it had been our primary objective to get the income streams flowing before all the money ran out.

As you can imagine, in the back of our minds we wondered what would happen if the money ran out before the cash flow was in place.

And then, on that fateful day we were fortunate enough to experience the thing we feared.  The money was gone, the resources were dried up, but we had several income streams in place that we had worked a long time to create.  The income was not guaranteed and never very predictable, but it was cash flow.

Trust me on this one: there was much more of a sense of financial security with NO money in the bank, but a little bit of a variable cash flow, than there ever was with a giant pile of money in the bank and limited to no cash flow.

I think the ‘flow way’ is more in alignment with the proper nature of things, anyway.  Money should stay in circulation.  It’s currency (current-cy)!  It needs to flow.  It needs to be utilized or it has no value.  Net worth is a facade.  As my co-author for Portal to Genius Garrett B. Gunderson says, “It’s just dots on a paper.”

Real wealth and real value comes from exchange.  Whether it is exchange involving money or not, there is no wealth in dormant resources.

Think of it this way: would you rather have a healthy 10 pints of blood flowing through your body, or would you rather have 40 gallons in a refrigerator and a body with NO blood flow? (How’s that for a visual aid?)

That’s what can happen to a person who is tempted to hoard, or to hide all their money under a pillow. It’s a formula for bitterness and fear.

Begin by coming to peace with how much you have, and with prudence, let it flow.

(This brings up a point about charitable donations: Our bodies naturally create more blood when we donate some – and we don’t even have to know how we do it.  Same with money.  Even if you have only a little, don’t be afraid to let it flow to good causes.  Nature has ways of replenishing you again. Have faith!)

So, instead of setting a goal to have a million dollars in the bank, remember, the pile of money doesn’t bring peace of mind – in many cases, it creates more anxiety because of the fear it will dwindle or that it might be mismanaged.

Peace of mind comes  from having a healthy flow, even if what flows isn’t very much.

Where there’s flow, things grow.  It’s the difference between the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.  It’s the difference between 10 pints flowing between your heart, lungs and brain, vs. 40 gallons in a refrigerator.

Whether you have a lot, or a little, it’s got to flow.  Don’t be afraid of running out when you’re putting your resources toward investing in your soul purpose.  The laws of success support you best when you’re doing what your heart is telling you to do.

Don’t be afraid to invest in the training you need that will help you develop those income streams.  As Bob Proctor taught me long ago, the cure for Fear is not Courage, the cure for Fear is Knowledge.

Let me show you how to have the peace of mind I’m talking about.  I’ll work with you more personally to help you step-by-step to experience that transformation through the MINDSET MASTERY™ 12-week home study program.  Find out more