Reader "Rant" – and Principles of Faith for Prosperity

I just received some feedback from someone I’ll call Tim that I’d like to share…

While I prefer to read nothing but glowing testimonials, the constructive comments are just as valuable (if not more so).

While my first reaction is “Ugh… someone isn’t happy with me,” the second reaction is “Oooh – this is good…” knowing that there is contained within every undesirable experience a seed of equal or greater benefit.

Tim’s comments, though constructive in nature, still made me smile (and laugh out loud, even – you’ll see what I mean…).

As I pondered his comments, I decided that letting you in on some of the interaction I had with him may be of value on multiple levels. Check it out:


Thank you for the offer and all the wisdom and experience you share. I also enjoy your newsletters and blog entries. As a senior in college, graduating next May I just invested nearly $3,000 in tuition, fees, and books. Consequently, your offer is beyond my current budget. And all the wishing, wanting, hoping, and applying of the law of attraction won’t change that in the short range.

Having read much of what you have written, and having heard you in person, I know you are honest and sincere. So please take the following “rant” (and personal pet peeve) as simply sharing my opinion and point of view. I receive many newsletters and lots of product offers.

Very few approach their potential customers with an open, honest offer without a ton of hype. It’s as though they all have the same copywriters or took the same lessons in hyping their offer letters. Typically you do not fall into that category, which is why I continue to follow you and read your blogs and newsletters.

However, there were two lines in this e-mail that “tugged” at my pet peeve of hyping or glossing over details in an effort to motivate and persuade to action: “Want to get the FTMF Home Study Program, essentially FREE?” and “PLUS, you’ll be able to get in on the 3-day Principles of Prosperity LIVE event for a $295 discount. That’s early a $600 value…Making your FTMF investment potentially zero.”

In reality the FTMF is not free. …actually, the SGR Teleclass is the only item that is truly FREE. The FTMF is full cost and the POP is discounted. You are not saying “purchase the POP and get the FTMF for free.” You are actually saying buy the FTMF and POP and you will discount the POP and give the SGR Teleclass as a free gift. …maybe an old joke will help clarify:

“A man arrives at work out of breath and sweating. A co-worker asks why. The man replies that he missed his bus and ran behind it all the way to work–but the good news is that he saved $3. The co-worker replied that he should have ran behind a taxi to work instead and then he could have saved $35!”

…You could have said, “Purchase the POP and the SGR Teleclass and I will give you the FTMF for free. Or, you can just purchase the FTMF and I will give you the SGR Teleclass for free.” This communicates a $295 discount for the small “package” and a $590 discount for the larger package. Your offer makes it sound as though the FTMF is free. It really isnt unless you assume (and you do) that your potential customer will automatically purchase both the FTMF and the POP.

Details, semantics? Yes, perhaps…but from my perspective, one approach is clear and open–like a friend talking to a friend–and the other sounds more like typical marketing hype. I truly believe you can accomplish your goals with the open, friend-to-friend approach, which is the style and approach you have typically portrayed. I hope over time that you don’t end up sounding like so many other internet marketers. After all, you are definitely unique!

Stay that way–you don’t have to use their techniques. Your customers are savvy and to use their approaches only detracts from your message and spirit.

I wish you continued success…respectfully,


Here is my reply:


Believe it or not, I loved this email! Thank you for sending it; I really do appreciate your feedback. The story about the taxicab made me laugh out loud.

I really do intend to be different from the rest, because I am on the receiving end of too much marketing hype myself . I’m just like everyone else in that regard. Many apologies for crossing your line on my last “pitch”. Truthfully, it wasn’t worded that way because someone gave me an annoying template to use… it was worded that way because…

I assumed that more people would be less overwhelmed with a $600 FTMF “next step” than the $1500 POP Seminar “next step”. The deadline for the FTMF is already upon us, and there’s two months still to go before the POP seminar deadline. The way I approach MY investments is by asking “What step CAN I take right now, trusting that the way will appear for those later steps, later.”

I will say this, though… you’ve already decided there isn’t a way; so for you (as it stands), there isn’t.

“…your offer is beyond my current budget. And all the wishing, wanting, hoping, and applying of the law of attraction won’t change that in the short range.”

The truth is that there is always a way (as you know, if you’ve studied these principles as much as I think you have). Whether the way appears or not depends only upon your decision. …and I’m not saying that to urge you to take advantage of this offer… I’m just pointing out a minor flaw in your argument.

I realize that now is probably not the time for you, and if it isn’t, then no matter what anyone says, you shouldn’t do it. But if and when something inside tells you that it’s time to take another step (with my stuff or anyone else’s), then you’ve got to make the decision to step forward with faith, even before you have identified the “how.” It’s a principle that applies to any step forward, be it in college or with marriage or with raising kids or anything else.

“Where will the money come from?”

The answer is always, “Wherever it is now.”

We must always look to the unlimited, unseen supply rather than the limited visible supply in our bank accounts. We’ve seen money show up from the most unexpected, unlikely places… just yesterday (Wednesday) we had a phone call about a settlement check we’ll be receiving for nearly $7000 from a source that on Tuesday we didn’t even know EXISTED. It’s a kind of settlement check that really could happen to anybody – unrelated to my business or anything else unusual that we do.

I believe it showed up because we recently made a firm, committed decision to do some things to extend our reach that on paper would currently appear financially impossible. But I do what I can TODAY, expecting things will work out, and while I always experience some nervousness stepping into the darkness like that, so far (since 2000), it’s worked out every time. Not always the way I expect it to work, not always the way I want it to work, and not always in the time frame I want it to work, but in the long run it always works out.

Anyway, there’s my “rant” back atcha ;). Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. They are always welcome and appreciated.

Warmest regards,


Thank you everyone – for sending your comments; we love your feedback. It helps us know that there’s really people out there…

You know, if I depended on my visible supply of readers, I would stop writing. I’d wonder, “What’s the point?” I can’t see you… but I keep writing anyway, believing that you’re really there, getting some kind of benefit from my posts.

If, over the years, I had depended on only the visible supply of financial resources, I wouldn’t have invested in education (college, as well as seminars, etc.)
. I might still be cleaning office buildings in the middle of the night. Honestly, if I have to be up at midnight at all, I’d rather be writing.

So… thanks for reading! 😉

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7 thoughts on “Reader "Rant" – and Principles of Faith for Prosperity

  1. I guess I have to agree with Tim. I *can* afford your packages, but the letter left me feeling, “Eeew.”

    From what I’ve seen so far, this is an anomoly. So, like Tim, I’ll hang around a bit and hope you stay more “you” in the future.


  2. Enjoyed this dialogue. You were both respectvul of each other and it was a nice reminder of how important our thoughts and words are in creating what we desire. I especially enjoyed the comment with the quote from Boyd K. Packard. It has been one I have used often for myself and in teaching the prinicples of faith and trust.

  3. Your response to Tim reminds me of a profound tidbit from a sermon given in 1982 by LDS Apostle Boyd K. Packer:

    “Somewhere in your quest for spiritual knowledge, there is that ‘leap of faith,’ as the philosophers call it. It is the moment when you have gone to the edge of the light and stepped into the darkness to discover that the way is lighted ahead for just a footstep or two. ‘The spirit of man,’ is as the scripture says, indeed ‘is the candle of the Lord.’ (Prov. 20:27.)”

    Thanks for all you share. And thanks to Tim for his great post.

  4. Thanks Tim and Leslie for this prosperity dialogue! Most of us experience times when we want to purchase something, but we don’t have the money, and it doesn’t seem to make sense to invest the money…because we can’t see where it will come from. The theme of family and time freedom is a big one for me.

    Thank you Leslie for reminding us that when we make a committed decision that forces move to in order to make it all work.


  5. I feel bad from the frustration that Tim is experiencing. I don’t think that his note was as much about his pet-peeve as much as it was about his frustration successfully applying these laws. That’s where its tough. How to stay positive – how to get belief – how to make the laws work for you takes time, effort, and training.

    Don’t ever give up on these principles. There is happiness and success – enough for everyone – no exceptions. The principles are universal.

    Way to go Leslie for responding firmly but kindly. And Tim – you’re not alone. Hang in there and keep striving to get the principles to work for you. It’s going to be a great story in the near future for you in helping others. – Shawn

  6. I also laughed out loud at the taxi cab story! Leslie, my first thought was that, for all this guy’s thoughts about your email, and the course, and how much he loves you as a mentor, that you would actually give him the course as a gift for putting so much thought into it. I would have loved to see that happen, but I realize that it would be counter-active to what you are teaching – since he had already decided that it wasn’t possible. Perhaps if he had said something to the effect that he hadn’t given up hope that somehow he would be able to manifest the $ to attend, you may have made a different choice?

    It certainly reminded me that I always need to frame things in the positive! All my continuing admiration and appreciation,

    Sally 🙂
    author of, The Daughter-in-Law Rules

  7. That was really interesting! I’m glad you posted that. I like that Tim still showed his respect for you and that you gave him the perfect response! …I thought your response would be something like that; stating to look into the unlimited for the things that you need.

    Thanks! And the bus/taxi story was a good one!

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