Prosperity Tip: Yeah-Buts or Rabbits?

Read The Jackrabbit Factor.  It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s been responsible for helping thousands of people achieve their goals.

If you’ve already read it, I suggest that you read it again. You’re a different person today than you were the first time you read it.  You’ll notice new things you didn’t notice before, and you’ll pick up on concepts that escaped you the first time.  It will help you get the next level.

Beyond that, pay attention to your thoughts as you consider setting your next goal.  As you consider it, are you seeing the rabbit (as described in The Jackrabbit Factor)?  Or, are you only seeing the obstacles, and listing all the reasons it won’t work for you?  Do you see beyond the wall, knowing there’s a way to the other side, or do you only see the wall?

Are you focused on the “rabbit”, or do you find yourself saying, “yeah-but…”?

Share this concept of “yeah-buts vs. rabbits” with your friends, and invite them to call it to your attention when you’re focused more on the “yeah-but” than the “rabbit”… and I hope you’ll do the same for them.

Together, we can conquer the constant pull of mediocrity, overcome our challenges, find the benefit contained in every adversity, and ultimately reach our highest potential.  We all need friends who will hold us to our highest good.

Hunting season is open: it’s time to gather the rabbits and leave the “yeah-buts” alone.

They’re much too gamey, anyway.

Get community support on YOUR goals in our highly active forums, from like-minded people on the rabbit hunt as well.  Meet and get to know our mentors there!  You’re never alone on this journey if you’ll just reach out and get to know people in our community who also want to become the best person they can be… just like you.

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Leslie is the award-winning, best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can, Hidden Treasures: Heaven's Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters, and Portal to Genius (all FREE downloads!). She aims to help you crush every challenge, achieve every goal, and vanquish every monster under your bed. Above all, Leslie is a dedicated wife and mother of seven children.
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