Prosperity Tip: The Subconscious Connection

I made a comment in the book and have mentioned the same thing in presentations… and every now and again my husband reminds me that I may be misleading people by saying it. So, for the record I’d like to set it straight here, and then clarify it in the next edition of the book.

Fact: your results will always be a reflection of the thoughts and ideas in your subconscious mind. Change your results by taking control of what’s in the subconscious. How?

In the past, I have said that an idea is planted in the subconscious mind through emotion; that emotion is the pathway from the conscious to the subconscious mind. However, that is not entirely the case. My point in saying so was that if you don’t like the results you are getting, you can change the predominant ideas in your subconscious mind by choosing your thoughts and then by adding emotion to them.

Here’s the point my husband wants me to clarify:

Thoughts and ideas are constantly reaching your subconscious mind whether or not you add emotion. So long as you don’t consciously REJECT certain thoughts, they’ll slip right in. So the pathway is not necessarily emotion, but you nourish your subconscious thoughts with emotion, and the ones to which we give the most emotion will grow and manifest in our reality.

What if you can’t seem to generate emotion for the prosperous thoughts you are trying to nourish? The answer is with repetition. Create your gratitude statement of how you want things to be (written in present tense), and read it out loud every day. Repetition nourishes the thought just as emotion can. In time, prosperity for YOU will become believable, and once you really believe it, the emotion will flow!

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