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I’ve recently been invited to be a Certified Mentor of the Conscious Creator Mentoring Network, which is like the “Netflix” of Personal Development.

For this program, I am preparing a consolidation of all my life’s work, inspirational books, audios, and programs (including several more new and complete courses coming soon) for the Mentoring Network Vault.

As a mentor of the network, I can invite some of my subscribers to become business partners with me, to help me share my message.

To explain how this would work, I held a very special webinar with the owner of the Mentoring Network back on Thursday March 5th, 2015.

I invite you to watch the replay if you:

  • Have been touched by my message and want to partner with me
  • Would like me to compensate you for sharing my message
  • Would like access to a whole group of other amazing mentors, including some of my own
  • Feel that you have a message of your own, and aspire to become a coach, speaker, etc.

If you are already a powerhouse mentor or coach—you especially need to be on this call (you’ll see why).


I’m at the beginning of something that I believe will change the world of personal development as we know it. But to do this right, I need a core group of people who know my message, who want to help me out, and possibly get paid very well for doing it.

Register now and let’s see if this is “it” for you.



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Leslie Householder

Leslie is the award-winning, best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can, Hidden Treasures: Heaven's Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters, and Portal to Genius (all FREE downloads!). She aims to help you crush every challenge, achieve every goal, and vanquish every monster under your bed. Above all, Leslie is a dedicated wife and mother of seven children.
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6 thoughts on “Partner with me?

  1. Hello Leslie,

    I enjoy reading your articles. Specially touched by your article, Feeling the heavy burden, you can still fly. Because that’s exactly how I felt few years back (sometimes I still do. I guess we still have those moments time to time) when I was dealing with a trauma. But I didn’t give up. I kept going no matter how many obstacles came in the way. I just kept on, and on, and finally reached where I wanted to be. So yes I’d like very much to partner with you, and get my message out there, that it is possible to keep going regardless of your heavy baggage/burden.. You can still fly. I am also massage therapist a certified Reiki Practitioner, and would very much like to be a coach or mentor to those who may be feeling the heavy burden like I did. Also I can learn from you too, as I truly believe that learning never stops.

    I guess this is for now. Rest we can discuss after I hear back from you. Please consider taking me as your partner, and taking me under your wings. Thanking you in advance for your consideration.



    1. Hi Jasmine – thank you for your message! I noticed from your form submission that you are from Canada. The CCMN program will be available to Canadians soon – so I look forward to the time that you can participate. Until then!

  2. Hi. I was told about the call tonight so I registered, however, the numbers listed in this post and in my email do NOT match the numbers that appear in the window when I click submit, which says Thank You. The numbers it brings up are to call: 1-530-881-1400 with Conf ID: 392918 Which is the correct one?

    1. Julia! Good catch! We had to switch numbers to accommodate more people and I forgot to update the thank you page! The correct numbers are Call in number: 1-213-226-1066
      Conference ID: 974-317-517

  3. I have been through a rough time in my life. I have lost my best friend and all of my belongings everything I own has been taken.
    I feel even in my darkest hour, there is a light and I feel a major breakthrough, about to happen. Having lost all of my things, I did have your CDs on abundance, that was the beginning. Thank you I look forward to the call, I really want to be apart of this.
    Thank you
    Stephanie Pestrak

  4. Leslie, I attended my very first Conscious Creator meeting last Wednesday, February 18. I was called “Manifest Now.” I meet the owner/operator/creator, Kris Krohn, as well as his co-presenter, Gerald Rogers. The all-day event impacted me in EVERY aspect of my life, from personal aspirations, spiritual growth, family,…I returned to the event that evening to listen to Ann Webb and creating your LifeVision.

    That every night I wrote my life vision. A rough-draft, but it was written down, present tense, and full of desire. The next morning in posted something on Instagram about my goal of becoming a bronze instructor w/my company was realized this month (although I was far from reaching my goal). Post…send…And then I received text message — immediately–from my up-line: “guess who is the new BRONZE Instructor?” !!!! ME!!

    I will be present on your call with Kris. Absolutely! I am also a new member of the Conscious Creator network, and am filled with fabulous mentors who come into my home via TV, podcasts, iPod; I believe!!
    All the best,
    Amanda Kemp
    (801) 636-0186 cell/text

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