Mentor Training 2010

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Planning has begun for Mentor Training 2010, and this event will be limited to just 15 participants.

We want to be sure we provide excellent individual attention, a powerful growing experience, and strong relationships with like-minded leaders.

To be considered for Mentor Training, complete the FTMF program with honors no later than June 30. (You’ll need at least 3 months to prepare for the Mentor Training event.)

If you’re interested, join the first-priority notification list.  Due to the limited size of this group, registration is closed now, but will open in a few weeks.  The 15 positions will be filled on a first-come first served basis.

ThoughtsAlive Official Mentor Training

Ever thought about Teaching what you’ve Learned?  Want to develop a business as an expert in your favorite topic?

Official ThoughtsAlive Mentor Training Mesa, AZ
Oct 7-9, 2010
Prerequisite: FTMF Honors Graduation
Fee: $2995

This is a great way to start or expand a business helping people understand the principles of success.

ThoughtsAlive Official Mentor Training Overview

It is a unique opportunity to be a part of ThoughtsAlive’s Official Mentor Training. We’re building Mentors from the cream of the crop, to help people around the world take their understanding and success to the next level. We can’t do it alone… that’s why we’re excited to help you magnify your success, your understanding, and your ability and effectiveness in helping transform other people’s lives.

As an FTMF Honors graduate, we know that you understand the principles well enough to help lead others to the next level. This Mentor Training will give YOU the additional tools and self-confidence you need to be an effective mentor.  We’ll help you find your wings and help launch you into a successful career of your own.

We want to position YOU for a growing income stream, doing something that is profitable, gratifying, and soul-expanding.  As an Official ThoughtsAlive Mentor, you will even have various avenues for getting YOUR message, products, and services in front of our many site visitors and ezine subscribers.

Event Objectives:

• Dig deep into the 3 most powerful concepts from our rarely conducted Principles of Prosperity Seminar

• Identify, solidify, and make a quantum leap toward your own #1 priority goal while you’re with us (so that you can help others do the same)

• Set up an individualized passive income stream at with a product of your own creation – completed, and in place before you even go home

• Receive tools and training to develop multiple income streams (shortcuts, time/money saving tips, marketing secrets, implementation – experience a hands on, “get it done while you’re here” workshop as much as time permits)

• Learn fundamental principles of effective mentoring so you can naturally attract an abundance of clients to you and your product(s)

• Establish credibility online – discover and then begin the process while you’re in class of how to become known as a reliable, principled resource for helping others become all they can be.

• Become an expert goal reviewer to help people clarify and ultimately attain the objectives they have in mind – including your own

• Receive $ for each product of your own creation that sells as people find you in our Official Mentor Directory

• Learn the secrets of what large list owners look for in a joint venture partner

• Develop a personal relationship with Trevan and I as we work together for a common cause

• And more…

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity – see you there!

(This group will intentionally be limited to 15 attendees. Positions will be filled on a first-come first, served basis when registration opens on June 8.)

Join the notification list below:


Important Deadlines:

June 8, 2010 – Mentor training registration opens for just 15 participants.

June 16, 2010 – if there are spots remaining, registration opens for regular FTMF graduates and participants.  (Mentor Training Certification is not complete until you have also obtained FTMF Honors status.)

September 15, 2010 – Mentor Training Preparation Packets due (if homework packet is not completed, you’ll forfeit your position to the next person on the waiting list.  There will be no refunds, but your registration fee may be applied to future events.)

Do Not Procrastinate Registration! You will be given a significantly large packet to complete prior to your arrival, to gain the full benefit from this training.

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