Help us find a home for Charlie!

Please help us find a home for Charlie!

Charlie is 11 years old, neutered, and spends most of his time just sitting at your feet and hanging out. He also loves to chase and play outside, and he thinks birds are really fun to chase, too.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give him the love and attention he deserves – and it breaks our heart to see those eyes begging for attention from this very on-the-go family. Technically, he belonged to our oldest son, who recently moved to Colorado. My son knows that we are looking for a new home for Charlie and agrees that it is for the best. Can you take him in?

He can speak, sit, lay down, and jump on command (as long as you’re prepared to give him something yummy).

Charlie’s favorite dog food is Ol’ Roy Dinner Rounds, but he also eats leftovers, so things definitely don’t go to waste at our house. He’s a gentle giant – has a great bark (strangers at the door may even think we have a Doberman!), and he’s excellent around babies and children. We have 7 children, and we’ve had him for 7 years, so he’s had lots of experience with every age group, from newborn to adult and everything in between. One of his favorite people is grandpa – he’d make a great companion for a senior, too.

Although he generally gets along with other pets, we want him to go to a home where he will get plenty of attention and nurturing through this difficult transition.Think of it like bringing a newborn home from the hospital. It’s challenging but VERY rewarding for anyone who embraces the opportunity to make a loving difference.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We found a new home for Charlie a few days ago, but after his first night, his new owners were worried that he wasn’t happy because he cried through the night and wasn’t himself. We picked him up but we really don’t want to put my kids through another false placement.

So, before contacting us to inquire about Charlie, please know this: Basset hounds are known to whine when they want something, but all the more so if they’re truly sad or worried. After a move, Charlie will probably avoid food for a while, and will probably whimper or moan until he feels adjusted. The Basset Hound rescue organization says that it can take a few days or even a few months for a Basset Hound to be completely back to himself after an adoption.

Lastly, you should know that Charlie is considered a “senior” dog. Seniors tend to be more mellow and easy going, which is a wonderful advantage for someone just wanting some good old-fashioned canine loyalty, without the stress of potty training and furniture or shoe damage that often comes with younger dogs. FYI, the life span of the average Basset is 12 years, but they can live as much as 18 years or more.

We hope to find a home not too far away, in case the kids can still visit him once in a while. We live in North-East Mesa, AZ.

If you are interested in adopting Charlie, please reply to this message below with your contact information and why you think your home would be a good fit. Your reply will be sent to me for ‘moderation’, but it will never be posted for public view.

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