A Woman Who Lived: Katie Vrajich

Official ThoughtsAlive Mentor Katie Vrajich had a complete turnaround when she read the Jackrabbit Factor. She went from apathetic, bored and BLAH to excited, grateful and determined!

She quickly chose to do the FTMF course, and it changed everything! Within the next year she and her husband had tripled their income and they are currently working on doing it again this year!

They have learned so much along the way. Katie is starting a blog to offer support and inspiration for life. Seriously, this journey is not always easy. It is rewarding, and good but reaching big goals requires big changes and sometimes those changes are very painful!

She wants people to know that they are not alone in their struggles. After tripling her income and enjoying several years of prosperity, she faced some new struggles, and their income was reduced to almost nothing. This year she has declared that they are going from $2,600 per month to $72,000 per month in net income, and they are inviting the world to watch them do it!

She is going to be very real about that journey and how she does it and what it takes. If you are a woman, a wife, a mother or just someone craving the next big jump then ride along! There will be awesome giveaways until January 25th. So check it out, subscribe and enter into the free giveaways! http://awomanwholived.com

“The more support that one has on this journey, the better, so if there is anyone out there trying to hit crazy goals this year too, please come and tell me about it! Declare it to the world (or at least me.:))!” – Katie

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  1. I enjoyed your body language class last night at Upscale Retail so much. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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