Box Fan Miracle

Positive Thinking Tip: The miracle you need is at the end of all you can do, so keep on Truckin’!

Let me tell you about a guy I know and the unexpected (and surprising) miracle that showed up after he taped a box fan to the front of his personal motor coach…

His name is John. John was traveling with some business guys in a large and very expensive rig. It was important for him to get to a meeting where he was to be the key speaker. However, as they motored along, he realized that the engine temperature was beginning to rise.

One of his passengers was concerned that John was going to ruin the engine if he didn’t just pull over and wait for help. John knew plenty about auto repair, but just didn’t have the tools. Also, they were so far from civilization in any direction that to wait for a tow would be simply unacceptable. It would take far too long to get the help, and the tow fee for a rig as big as his was going to be so huge, he didn’t even entertain the idea.

He pushed that motorhome along and kept going.

As they approached a final hill before the next town, again the passenger warned John that he should stop. He said, “John, even if we DO get to the next town, it’s Sunday, and there won’t be any shops open to repair it anyway.”

John turned to him, weary of his pessimism, and said, “I’m NOT going to stop until I HAVE to!” He hadn’t yet done all that he could do, so in his mind, it wasn’t time to change plans. Instead, he bull-headedly focused on his destination and kept faith that SOMEhow he would find the way to make it to the meeting on time.

Then his mind began to think… what did the rig need to stay cool? The engine fan had stopped. It needed air circulation. Well, he had a large box fan, so he used duct tape and fastened it to the front grill of the motorhome, ran the cord through the window, plugged it in, and hiked that final hill.

What a picture that must have been to any oncoming traffic! They pulled into a Burger King, and sat at a table contemplating what to do next.

As they talked about their predicament, a Burger King employee overheard them and said, “Hey, I own an auto shop. Here, take the keys, open it up, and you can use my equipment.”

They were soon on their way and John accomplished exactly what he had set out to do. Against the odds, they reached the meeting in time.

So here’s the point:

John’s “miracle” was waiting in that town the whole time. He didn’t have to “go the distance” – he actually met the solution half way, by pressing on and having faith that the solution would be at the (true) end of all he could do.

That is life. That is how we need to approach all of our problems, be it financial, emotional, spiritual, or social.

We must do all we can to get ourselves TO that miracle we seek, and TRUST that THAT is where we will find it. We mustn’t let that final hill, the hardest part discourage us; for after all, ‘there is no witness until AFTER the trial of our faith’.

For more on this topic, read The Jackrabbit Factor FREEOriginally posted September 28, 2005.


Stop the World – I want to Get Off!

‘I’m in a hurry to get things done, I’m… rushing, rushing till life’s no fun.’

Does that phrase (from Alabama’s song) sound familiar? Has life become so fast paced that you’ve gotten sucked up into the whirlwind of it all, feeling totally out of control?

Do you feel like you can’t afford to stop long enough to catch your breath, and do you continue to race on the treadmill of life that often seems to be going nowhere?

At some point you have to ask yourself, “What’s the point??”

Even if you have a pretty good sense of what life is all about, and you are confident about its purpose, you can fall into the trap of living frantically day in and day out to meet deadlines, obligations, and expectations.

When you’ve had enough of that, and something inside you says, “You were born for something greater than this… there’s a more significant contribution you were meant to make during your time here,” or, “Why does peace and happiness always seem to be just one more task away?…”

What do you do?

First of all, it’s healthy to recognize those impressions within yourself. It is true, you WERE meant for more than this. You wouldn’t be having those feelings unless something greater was beckoning you to come do your part, make a difference, or quit waiting for whatever-it-is before you can be happy. You know it, but where and how do you begin?

Here’s how you begin: Today, do the things you have committed to do, giving it your best. You see, if you want to change your ‘space’, or your world, and escape the bondage of whatever kind it is that you feel, you must live the life you’re IN with completeness. You must more than ‘fill your place’. When you have ‘filled your place’, you become bigger than where you are, and circumstances must change, just to be able to continue holding you.

As James Allen describes in “As a Man Thinketh”, when a man completely and genuinely alters his thoughts about his [problem], and discovers the true perspective that God intends for him to adopt, it will “become so out of harmony with his mentality that it falls out of his life as a garment is cast aside, and, with the growth of opportunities, which fit the scope of his expanding powers, he passes out of it forever.”

I like the way Wallace D. Wattles put it: “You can advance only by more than filling your present place.”

Don’t wait until you have the time to start something new and grandiose. Be grandiose where you are. In other words, be a spectacular you, right where you are, in just the very thing you are already doing.

If you want to have a better job, be bigger than the job you already have. Do it better than you ever have before… enjoy the feeling that comes from doing well, and before long, it will not be able to contain you any longer. Old circumstances will fall away and new ones will present themselves which will give you more opportunity for growth.

Do I mean, be a superperson and get 10 times as much done as the next person? NO. I simply mean, be present. If you are completing a task, allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying the task. Do it carefully and well, but most importantly, choose to enjoy it.

If you’re busy getting a lot of things done, and simply cannot slow down, you CAN do the same things you are already doing with a calm spirit. Much of the time we get all worked up and frantic about our deadlines and pressures, but we have to remember that the things that we do and the things that are happening around us are nothing more than events. We’re the ones that add the ‘stress element’ to the equation. In fact, if we can go about our day calmly, we will accomplish more than if we try to force things to happen faster. Force negates. What you push will push back. That’s one of those laws.

So much of what needs to happen is out of your control, so quit trying to control it! It’s not your job. Your job is to do the things that YOU can do, and trust God to handle the rest. If you are calm, He will. If you are frantic, He seems to step back and let you try to handle it on your own, so that maybe you’ll learn a lesson. At least that’s my interpretation of how He seems to have handled me. I finally had to ask, ‘How many times must I experience that feeling of abandonment before I learn that I CAN’T do it on my own anyway??’

I’m learning to calm down, and trust. Let’s resign as Manager of the Universe. Let’s have faith that by keeping a calm spirit, we will be in the right ‘vibration’ to allow the blessings to flow our way. Keeping a frantic spirit prevents the blessings from flowing. We cut ourself off from the Source of all good when we demonstrate our doubt through our stress. A faithful heart has no place for stress and worry.

I started reading the book of Mark in the Bible again recently. I think I’ve made it through about 7 chapters so far. Perhaps this is the first time I’ve really tried to picture myself there, taking the time to think about witnessing the miracles happen for myself. It would be a hard thing to read through all of those chapters without feeling a little more confident that something good could happen to me, too. Jesus performed miracles for the worthy and unworthy alike. He showed mercy to the broken hearted who hoped for relief.

No matter how you feel about yourself right now, you can be blessed with an abundant life. Need a ‘faith-lift’? Maybe you should read Mark. (Why did I choose Mark? Because it happened to be the shortest one of the 4 gospels, that’s all. If you’re short on time like me, it’s a good one to read.)

I also recommend reading Portal to Genius. You can read the entire prequel and first three chapters for free. Just visit

Main content originally written July 28, 2005


When Am I Ever Gonna Use This Math??

If you ever have kids who complain about their Mathematics assignments and say, “When am I ever gonna use this?” – here’s something you can share with them.

I was spotlighted this month on the Brigham Young University Mathematics Department Alumni page. Following is what it said – it just may help you answer that age-old question:

“Leslie (Robertson) Householder graduated from BYU in 1996, she was deeply impacted by one professor’s insistence that the main purpose for studying Math is to gain problem-solving skills. Having experienced a number of unexpected life challenges after leaving BYU, and by applying the problem-solving techniques she learned, Leslie found herself on an entirely different career path.

“Leslie’s passion for math was not lost on her new ventures, however. The series of difficulties she faced caused her to begin asking new questions, as she had been trained to do.  It was her appreciation for dependable mathematical principles that caused her to also believe in, seek for, discover, test, and prove other principles that she suspected must be governing these other aspects of her life.

“Leslie is a mother of 7 and an internationally published, three-time best-selling and award-winning author and speaker.  Her first book, Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters was written with her LDS peers in mind, but has found wide acclaim with readers of all religious backgrounds worldwide.

“Leslie’s second book is an allegory, The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can, (available in its entirety as a free download at Credited for helping one man acquire the World’s Best Job out of 34,000 applicants, The Jackrabbit Factor has also been translated into multiple languages including Turkish, Spanish, and Chinese (already available in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and scheduled for release with its sequel in Mainland China later this year).

“Nevertheless, her favorite work is Portal to Genius, the sequel to The Jackrabbit Factor. Based on the premise that the solution to every problem is only an idea away, the life principles she discovered were brilliantly woven through the book as it follows three story lines: a young couple at the end of their financial rope, a father who needs a medical miracle for his son, and a businessman who needs $4.5 million by Wednesday, as they each discover how to access their own portal to genius.

“Learn more about Leslie and her work at:”