The Jackrabbit Factor Sequel!

If you’ve talked with me personally in recent months, you may already know that I managed to get half-way done with the sequel in December, and then hit a brick wall.

Something inside me said that I wouldn’t be able to finish the book until I had personally experienced some of the things that Richard and Felicity needed to experience in the story.

Six months later, I can tell you …I was right.

Life is so FASCINATING!!!!

I can’t wait to get this book out now… In fact, I’m up at 4:38 am because my vision for the impact the sequel is going to have FUELS me and keeps me up at odd hours.

Yesterday, the title of the book finally came to mind. I’ve struggled with the title for more than 6 months, but I have it now. πŸ™‚

I’m anxious to tell you what it is, but something else inside of me is telling me to wait and reveal it a little later. *sigh*

Anyway, I’ll be heading to the mountains for a week at the end of July to finish the manuscript in focused peace and quiet.

But I’ve learned that I can go stir crazy if I don’t have someone with me to be an occasional sounding board for my ideas, and to have some FUN with, too, for when my brain gets tired.

So I’ve decided to take someone with me.

If YOU are also writing a book and want to join me at the cabin, so I can be YOUR sounding board as well (and help you get YOUR book off the ground), read more about this opportunity and submit your application at:


Is There a Book in YOU?

If you knew that millions of people now face, or will face, the same challenges that you have overcome (or are learning to overcome), and if you knew that you could spare them the heartache and pain you’ve endured, would you write?

Too many people take their good ideas to the grave with them, and thousands are left to repeat the mistakes that could have been avoided with a simple transference of knowledge.

YOU were given a unique combination of experiences, challenges, talents, abilities, desires, and relationships that are NO accident.

Nobody else can possibly leave YOUR fingerprint on the world.

If you’ve had even the inkling of a thought that maybe you should write a book one day, stop and pay attention…

Thoughts like that are an indication that there IS a powerful message trying to make its way to the world through YOU.

As you set aside your fears and feelings of inadequacy, and as you treat the idea with respect and honor it with your attention, you’ll find that the idea will grow and you’ll have strokes of genius that amaze even you.

Have you ever thought:

  • What if nobody reads it?
  • What if I mess up the grammar?
  • What if someone laughs at me?
  • Who am I to think I can write a book?
  • What if I can’t get a publisher?

STOP! Let’s start asking some POWERFUL questions instead:

  • What if thousands, or millions of people read it?
  • What if it’s amazing?
  • What if someone expresses tearful gratitude that you had the courage to get it out there?
  • Who are YOU to reject the good idea that won’t leave you alone?
  • What if you find the PERFECT way to publish it?
  • What if ALL the resources you need, line up WHILE you write it?

Ideas which have the power to lift humanity come from God. I honor them, and want to help you get your message out.

To be sure, I’ve learned a few things about writing, publishing, and marketing a book since beginning my professional author’s journey in 2001.

Let me help you learn from my many mistakes and immeasurably gratifying successes.

There will be a number of ways to get my help on your book in the future, but THIS is a one-of-a-kind opportunity which could NEVER be duplicated in quite the same way.

I can only offer this exclusive opportunity to ONE aspiring author… so, to see if it’s the right experience for YOU, learn more about the Mountain Retreat Workshop


The Soul Purpose Paradox

There are at least two different kinds of people who pursue a good lifestyle for their family of financial freedom and happiness.

Person #1 is a hard worker. He has a dream and is committed to making it happen. He moves forward with hope and belief that he will find a way, and makes numerous sacrifices in the pursuit.

But in the back of his mind, there is a nagging question that always says, “What if it doesn’t work?”

Person #2 is also a hard worker. He also has a dream and is committed to making it happen. He moves forward with hope and belief that he will find a way, and makes numerous sacrifices in the pursuit.

But the difference is that Person #2 is the one who can say with absolute confidence, “I KNOW everything is going to work out, because I know that I’m doing exactly what I should be doing.”

The paradox lies in the fact that Person #1 may have a whole lot more going for him, but Person #2 has more happiness and peace of mind on the journey.

What makes the difference?

Person #2 is actively engaged in work that helps him magnify his life’s purpose. Not only is he following his dream of a wonderful lifestyle for his family, but he’s picked a vehicle that gives him tremendous satisfaction, even if there were no financial compensation.

The paradox also lies in the fact that although Person #2 will likely face tremendous obstacles (perhaps even more so than person #1), HE is the one who will have deeper reservoirs of faith to draw from, and more peace of mind in the face of possible disaster.

That’s the benefit of choosing for your life’s work, something for which you have a special interest and unique experience or talents.

The fact is, Life has a natural way of encouraging YOU along to discovering and accomplishing your unique contribution to society that only you can do. Something inside beckons you – to cast all fear aside and do the thing that your spirit is compelling you to do.

Reason talks you out of it.

But I can assure you, that when you take even the smallest step in the right direction, you will have an unmistakable feeling deep down of knowing that you’re on the right path.

Trust it! Don’t let “reason” talk you out of it.

As you do, storms may rage, but you WON’T be troubled by them. That’s true financial freedom. Financial freedom is NOT a function of how much money you have in the bank, but actually a function of how true you are living to your life’s soul purpose.

For Person #1, there is no guarantee of lasting peace of mind. In the short term, he may reach any goal that he puts his mind to. But if his work brings him NO real joy or satisfaction outside of the financial paycheck, he will always live in uncertainty.

Uncertainty and unrest is Life’s way of getting your attention and trying to send you in a better direction.

A natural benefit for those who live their purpose, is that God gives them strength to overcome obstacles, and endurance to weather the inevitable challenges.

No question, each of us has a work to do, different from anyone else. You will be supported best when you let go of your fears and engage in that work, even if it’s just in a small and simple way in your spare time.

I promise, your faith will be tested to see how committed you really are, and it could be years or even decades before you are solidly into the “flow” of it, but when you ARE engaged in it, even in just a small way to begin with, you’ll find that all you really need comes through, just when you need it (and sometimes not any sooner than that.)

I believe that’s God’s promise. Follow your heart, and He’ll keep you and your family going…

…until His work THROUGH you is complete.

Let me walk you step-by-step through this transition from uncertainty to certainty. I’ll help you let go of your fears, so you can proceed with confidence as you discover and then engage in the work you’re here to do. When you’re truly following your purpose, it hardly feels like work.

Then, abundant financial rewards are a natural by-product…

So let’s get going!

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