Celebrating Agency and Diversity

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you’re probably someone who tries to live by faith – believing in something good that you can’t see.  To prosper using the law of attraction and six other primary laws of success depends on it.

No matter what your background or religious tradition may be, I celebrate the diversity of all of our readers, and am grateful for the blessing that we all have free agency to believe how we choose. 

Thank you – to all who have sent emails that express gratitude for our work, even when our religious beliefs differ.  I LOVE that!  I love surrounding myself with people who build friendships based on the many things we all have in common.

In celebration of diversity, I want to share a wonderful collection of short videos – from an event at Harvard University.  It’s titled: Day of Faith – Personal Quests for a Purpose.  It’s a panel of Harvard students representing different backgrounds including Buddhism, Judaism, Mormonism, Christianity, and Islam.  The obvious respect that they each have for each other is exemplary.  The common pursuit they share for personal, internal spirituality is inspiring. 




What it means to be “Past Feeling”

Feeling Numb
Feeling Numb?

This question just came in from a Jackrabbit Factor Ecourse participant who was having a hard time answering one of the questions about the Law of Rhythm. It’s a great question, so let’s take a look.

What does it mean to be past feeling, and how does it relate to the Law of Rhythm?

To be “past feeling” means to be spiritually numb, and perhaps not even realize it.

To be past feeling means to lose the ability to feel connected to God, sometimes because it has been replaced with louder, more exciting (but temporary) feelings.

In short, to be past feeling means to lose connection with the divine influence that keeps you moving in the right direction.

Okay, so how do you know if you’re already past feeling, or at risk of becoming that way?

If you do not feel inner peace while actively pursuing a worthy goal, you may be at risk of becoming “past feeling”. To keep that hardly noticeable guidance engaged in your life, you must be at least trying to live in harmony with God’s universal law, and have a goal worth actively shooting for.

Joy and progress comes through making positive changes. After shooting for a goal, take notice if you stop feeling the joy that came from the climb. If it’s gone, it’s time to reach a little higher. Stagnation is miserable because of the absence of progression.

We’re all seeking to feel more alive, to feel more peace, and to feel more happiness.

Sometimes people turn to enticing but destructive influences because they cause strong, but deceptive feelings. To surrender to these distractions can generate a powerful, but temporary imitation of true happiness.

Such feelings are counterfeit and can leave a person craving more of the same until they become completely enslaved by the addiction, and completely unable to ‘hear’ or feel the quiet (but perfectly peaceful) influence authored by God.

To experiment with seemingly harmless distractions can be enough to keep a person from having enough patience, diligence, and discipline to ever discover the simple, unglamorous, slow growing processes that lead to true and lasting success.

It’s an act of faith to live by law when the reward isn’t immediate or obvious. The more past feeling we get, the harder it can be to be restored to the dependable influence that quietly shows us the way. Such natural consequences for our departure from the right path can be evidence alone that the thrill that caught our attention at one time was counterfeit to the more satisfying, longer lasting and genuine version God provides for those who pay the price to patiently and faithfully live by law.

Through trial and error, paying close attention to the nature of your feelings along the way (and making course corrections as needed), you’ll find your way. Welcome all the feelings that come… even the sad, angry, and disappointed ones. Know that they’re temporary; the Law of Rhythm guarantees it. Feel them completely, and let the pain they inflict help you make a course correction or change of velocity, so that you can once again feel the joyful, victorious feelings we’d all rather have.

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It’s not just springtime, it’s SPRING time!


At least in my corner of the world, we’re experiencing springtime.  It’s a season for new beginnings, new growth, and for witnessing the miracle in nature that what once looked dead, is finally reviving again.  Sometimes finances, relationships, etc. to go through similar seasons. 

For now, let’s talk about finances. Has your money tree seemed kind of dead?

As leafless and as dead as it may seem, it does still has living sap inside, ready to deliver nourishment to the tree limbs so that it will eventually bear fruit. 

It’s just been waiting for things to warm up a bit, that’s all.

Well, things ARE warming up all around you, even financially.  You can warm up too, bringing your own energized climate to your money tree.

How do you warm your climate?  Begin a deeper study of the principles of success, and you’ll have renewed energy.  That equals warmth.  YOU are the lifeblood inside your money tree.  So long as YOU are still alive, there’s still hope for the tree.

(I guess you could say you’re the SAP.  Leslie is smiling, amused at the play on words.  Tee hee…)

So, not only is it springtime, it’s time to SPRING. 

Bounce back; wake up, so that you don’t miss the growing season!  Plant the dream seed NOW, so that the harvest season will be abundant for YOU. Wait too long, and the ground may be frozen again.  Take action today… do SOMEthing!  Don’t wait through another four season cycle; it’s time to plant right now. 

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