Prosperity Tip: Yeah-Buts or Rabbits?

Read The Jackrabbit Factor.  It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s been responsible for helping thousands of people achieve their goals.

If you’ve already read it, I suggest that you read it again. You’re a different person today than you were the first time you read it.  You’ll notice new things you didn’t notice before, and you’ll pick up on concepts that escaped you the first time.  It will help you get the next level.

Beyond that, pay attention to your thoughts as you consider setting your next goal.  As you consider it, are you seeing the rabbit (as described in The Jackrabbit Factor)?  Or, are you only seeing the obstacles, and listing all the reasons it won’t work for you?  Do you see beyond the wall, knowing there’s a way to the other side, or do you only see the wall?

Are you focused on the “rabbit”, or do you find yourself saying, “yeah-but…”?

Share this concept of “yeah-buts vs. rabbits” with your friends, and invite them to call it to your attention when you’re focused more on the “yeah-but” than the “rabbit”… and I hope you’ll do the same for them.

Together, we can conquer the constant pull of mediocrity, overcome our challenges, find the benefit contained in every adversity, and ultimately reach our highest potential.  We all need friends who will hold us to our highest good.

Hunting season is open: it’s time to gather the rabbits and leave the “yeah-buts” alone.

They’re much too gamey, anyway.

Get community support on YOUR goals in our highly active forums, from like-minded people on the rabbit hunt as well.  Meet and get to know our mentors there!  You’re never alone on this journey if you’ll just reach out and get to know people in our community who also want to become the best person they can be… just like you.


A Dose of Prosperity: Those Meaningful Moments

Last weekend we conducted a Principles of Prosperity Workshop, and during one of the exercises, two of the participants had the unique privilege of witnessing a rare and meaningful moment in the life of a stranger on the street.

They were on assignment to spend some time in the community with one particular purpose in mind (which I will not disclose here), and as a result, they found themselves at a bus stop with a woman in her 50s or 60s who had a bag protectively at her side.

In visiting with her, she eventually explained with embarrassment that there was a teddy bear in her shopping bag. Then, she eventually felt safe enough to share the fact that the teddy bear was a brand new purchase, to replace her childhood bear which had been torn in two many decades ago.  Not only that, but she had just spent more than $200 for its long-overdue replacement.

How many emotions had stirred over the years to bring her to this point, so that she could finally find closure to something that had been so evidently painful from her childhood?

Here was a woman creating the change she needed, to overcome the pain of a memory that had been with her for so many years.

In that moment of self-designed healing, this woman chose prosperity. She was ready to move forward, and overcome the hindrances that had weighed her down all those years.  Why, I wonder, did she wait so long?  What joy she must feel, and what wonderful experiences await her now that she can look forward instead of being stuck in the past!

It was a beautiful thing, that the participants could witness such a pivotal moment in this stranger’s life.  They may be the only people in the world with whom she felt safe enough to tell.

Now, there are two lessons to be learned from this story.

Lesson Number 1:

Every person you meet has a story. Everyone has heartaches, and burdens that they have carried, sometimes for a very long time. See people as people – not objects. Listen. Find out where they’re coming from before imposing your agenda. Through listening first, see whether or not your offering even fits with their life concerns, dreams, and dilemmas.  If you put people first,  you’ll prosper with an abundance of rich relationships… whether or not you end up doing business together.  That’s prosperity.

Lesson Number 2:

What pivotal life-moment can YOU create for yourself right now? Transformations come from decisions. Action on those decisions create change. Do something different this week to heal an old hurt, or to allow yourself to move forward boldly, and courageously.

…And furthermore, have an added measure of respect for the favorite teddy bear in the life of a child.     🙂