Prosperity Tip: Momentum in the Darkness

Have you ever felt like you’re at the end of all you have: emotionally, financially, spiritually, physically, intellectually? Ever feel depleted and wonder how you’re going to do all that you have to do?

No matter how bad things seem, there is always just ONE more step, at least, that you can take. Eventually, one step at a time, you will be led to see something that gives you hope you seek. (If you’re not seeing it yet, it’s because you’ve got at least one more step to take on your own. And then maybe another…)

But this is a promise: eventually, you will see it.

You’ll see a glimpse of how life can really be, and you’ll have an inkling of how you can accomplish it. You might not feel like you have the resources you need to accomplish it, but that’s not necessarily part of the equation. So long as you have these following pieces, you still have all you need right now:

  1. an idea of how you want things to be
  2. desire and commitment
  3. something that you can do today, without additional resources

With these three components, you have something to do. You’re not stuck. I have never met anyone who is truly stuck… I don’t think such a condition even exists.

As you continue to DO what you CAN, the way appears, and the things you need will fall into place in front of you. Sometimes it feels like stepping into the darkness, but with each step you discover that you still have everything you need from the list above to keep going.


If you proceed cautiously, one timid step at a time, you might find that you do not have the momentum to leap the final chasm that may appear out of the darkness at the last step before your dream is obtained.

Move forward confidently and quickly – no need to be frantic, but there’s also no time to procrastinate either. Get momentum in your pursuit, so that if a chasm appears, you can leap it safely. Be anxiously engaged, always, in a good cause, and your momentum will take you safely over the obstacles that appear along the way.

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Prosper in spite of a Global Economic Crisis

Because of today’s economy, there are masses of people who are gripped with fear about what is going to happen to them and their families financially. It’s important to take a deep breath and think clearly about these two points:

Law of polarity:

Contained within every “bad” situation, there is an equal and opposite benefit. If it’s only a little bit bad, then it’s really only a little bit good. If it’s catastrophic, then contained within the situation there is a seed of equal or greater benefit (as Napoleon Hill stated).

So how bad is the economy? Pretty bad! But that’s why we can be really excited. Here’s why:

Out of this global hardship will come some serious progress in terms of spiritual awakenings. People will learn to be more resourceful than perhaps they’ve ever had to be. People will begin to discover they can have gratitude for the simplest of blessings. It will force many people to detach themselves emotionally from the “things” they’ve relied on for their emotional well being and financial security.

All of these outcomes are tremendously good. Is it fun? No, probably not, for many people. But it will be like the fires of the 1980s in Yellowstone which burned away the dead wood and forced the pine cones to release new seeds.

New life will be born from the financial crisis of today. Be optimistic. It’s a great time to be alive and to be raising a family. If your life as you know it is threatening to change dramatically, be at peace knowing that you have all you need to bounce back bigger and better than ever on the other side.

When the tide goes out, nobody despairs that the whole ocean is disappearing forever! This downward part of the economic cycle is just part of the ride.

And, not everyone will suffer through this cycle, which brings me to point #2:

Be a part of the solution:

How many people out there are engaged in conversations about how bad things are? How many people are spending every waking moment trying to brainstorm and deliver solutions to those who just wallow in their problems?

This is a great time to be alive because wealth is created when people find ways to solve problems. Wherever there are problems to solve, there is wealth to be made. Be a problem-solver, and you can prosper abundantly in any economy.

The good news with this economy is that there is an ABUNDANCE of problems to solve!

So take inventory of your unique gifts and abilities. Your personality. Your wealth of knowledge and experience. Your unique collection of challenges you’ve overcome. Maybe you have solved the problem in your own home on what to do with mismatched lids and plastic containers. Did you know that there are lots of people out there who would like a solution to that problem? I say this so that you will NOT discount ANY of your abilities as being insignificant.

I know of people who have written an essay or report on how to solve a really random problem, and then put the document on ebay for sale, for a dollar or maybe more. While it might not pay the mortgage this month, it is demonstrating resourcefulness, creating money out of thin air, and focusing on solutions instead of problems.

Get in the habit of thinking “solutions” instead of gabbing about “problems”, and ultimately you’ll find yourself discovering big solutions to even your own biggest problems.

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Prosperity: How Committed are you, Really?

In order to prosper, or in order to enjoy the freedom you want, you’ve got to be totally committed to your goal. Let me illustrate what that means. Once there was a group of farm animals, arguing over who had the most important contribution to the farmer’s breakfast meal:

The cow proudly announced how important she was, because without her milk, breakfast just wouldn’t be complete.

The chicken proudly pointed out that breakfast couldn’t possibly be breakfast without her eggs.

Finally the pig stood forward and said, “Yeah, well, you two are INVOLVED, but me? I’m TOTALLY COMMITTED.”

So are you just involved with your goals? Or are you totally committed?

Chase rabbits that are worth giving your life for. Freedom is one rabbit that I believe is worth dedicating your life to … freedom to become all you can be. Showing that it can be done, so that you can inspire others to do the same. Strong relationships with your loved ones. Physical fitness and emotional wellness.

A goal is a worthy goal if it opens the way for you to accomplish more and make a better contribution to the lives of those with whom you come in contact.

Be totally committed to your goals. Don’t waffle (no waffles for breakfast here!) – be more like bacon: totally committed. If you recognize that you are not totally committed, then set a goal to find a goal for which you can have that kind of passion!