Reader "Rant" – and Principles of Faith for Prosperity

I just received some feedback from someone I’ll call Tim that I’d like to share…

While I prefer to read nothing but glowing testimonials, the constructive comments are just as valuable (if not more so).

While my first reaction is “Ugh… someone isn’t happy with me,” the second reaction is “Oooh – this is good…” knowing that there is contained within every undesirable experience a seed of equal or greater benefit.

Tim’s comments, though constructive in nature, still made me smile (and laugh out loud, even – you’ll see what I mean…).

As I pondered his comments, I decided that letting you in on some of the interaction I had with him may be of value on multiple levels. Check it out:


Thank you for the offer and all the wisdom and experience you share. I also enjoy your newsletters and blog entries. As a senior in college, graduating next May I just invested nearly $3,000 in tuition, fees, and books. Consequently, your offer is beyond my current budget. And all the wishing, wanting, hoping, and applying of the law of attraction won’t change that in the short range.

Having read much of what you have written, and having heard you in person, I know you are honest and sincere. So please take the following “rant” (and personal pet peeve) as simply sharing my opinion and point of view. I receive many newsletters and lots of product offers.

Very few approach their potential customers with an open, honest offer without a ton of hype. It’s as though they all have the same copywriters or took the same lessons in hyping their offer letters. Typically you do not fall into that category, which is why I continue to follow you and read your blogs and newsletters.

However, there were two lines in this e-mail that “tugged” at my pet peeve of hyping or glossing over details in an effort to motivate and persuade to action: “Want to get the FTMF Home Study Program, essentially FREE?” and “PLUS, you’ll be able to get in on the 3-day Principles of Prosperity LIVE event for a $295 discount. That’s early a $600 value…Making your FTMF investment potentially zero.”

In reality the FTMF is not free. …actually, the SGR Teleclass is the only item that is truly FREE. The FTMF is full cost and the POP is discounted. You are not saying “purchase the POP and get the FTMF for free.” You are actually saying buy the FTMF and POP and you will discount the POP and give the SGR Teleclass as a free gift. …maybe an old joke will help clarify:

“A man arrives at work out of breath and sweating. A co-worker asks why. The man replies that he missed his bus and ran behind it all the way to work–but the good news is that he saved $3. The co-worker replied that he should have ran behind a taxi to work instead and then he could have saved $35!”

…You could have said, “Purchase the POP and the SGR Teleclass and I will give you the FTMF for free. Or, you can just purchase the FTMF and I will give you the SGR Teleclass for free.” This communicates a $295 discount for the small “package” and a $590 discount for the larger package. Your offer makes it sound as though the FTMF is free. It really isnt unless you assume (and you do) that your potential customer will automatically purchase both the FTMF and the POP.

Details, semantics? Yes, perhaps…but from my perspective, one approach is clear and open–like a friend talking to a friend–and the other sounds more like typical marketing hype. I truly believe you can accomplish your goals with the open, friend-to-friend approach, which is the style and approach you have typically portrayed. I hope over time that you don’t end up sounding like so many other internet marketers. After all, you are definitely unique!

Stay that way–you don’t have to use their techniques. Your customers are savvy and to use their approaches only detracts from your message and spirit.

I wish you continued success…respectfully,


Here is my reply:


Believe it or not, I loved this email! Thank you for sending it; I really do appreciate your feedback. The story about the taxicab made me laugh out loud.

I really do intend to be different from the rest, because I am on the receiving end of too much marketing hype myself . I’m just like everyone else in that regard. Many apologies for crossing your line on my last “pitch”. Truthfully, it wasn’t worded that way because someone gave me an annoying template to use… it was worded that way because…

I assumed that more people would be less overwhelmed with a $600 FTMF “next step” than the $1500 POP Seminar “next step”. The deadline for the FTMF is already upon us, and there’s two months still to go before the POP seminar deadline. The way I approach MY investments is by asking “What step CAN I take right now, trusting that the way will appear for those later steps, later.”

I will say this, though… you’ve already decided there isn’t a way; so for you (as it stands), there isn’t.

“…your offer is beyond my current budget. And all the wishing, wanting, hoping, and applying of the law of attraction won’t change that in the short range.”

The truth is that there is always a way (as you know, if you’ve studied these principles as much as I think you have). Whether the way appears or not depends only upon your decision. …and I’m not saying that to urge you to take advantage of this offer… I’m just pointing out a minor flaw in your argument.

I realize that now is probably not the time for you, and if it isn’t, then no matter what anyone says, you shouldn’t do it. But if and when something inside tells you that it’s time to take another step (with my stuff or anyone else’s), then you’ve got to make the decision to step forward with faith, even before you have identified the “how.” It’s a principle that applies to any step forward, be it in college or with marriage or with raising kids or anything else.

“Where will the money come from?”

The answer is always, “Wherever it is now.”

We must always look to the unlimited, unseen supply rather than the limited visible supply in our bank accounts. We’ve seen money show up from the most unexpected, unlikely places… just yesterday (Wednesday) we had a phone call about a settlement check we’ll be receiving for nearly $7000 from a source that on Tuesday we didn’t even know EXISTED. It’s a kind of settlement check that really could happen to anybody – unrelated to my business or anything else unusual that we do.

I believe it showed up because we recently made a firm, committed decision to do some things to extend our reach that on paper would currently appear financially impossible. But I do what I can TODAY, expecting things will work out, and while I always experience some nervousness stepping into the darkness like that, so far (since 2000), it’s worked out every time. Not always the way I expect it to work, not always the way I want it to work, and not always in the time frame I want it to work, but in the long run it always works out.

Anyway, there’s my “rant” back atcha ;). Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. They are always welcome and appreciated.

Warmest regards,


Thank you everyone – for sending your comments; we love your feedback. It helps us know that there’s really people out there…

You know, if I depended on my visible supply of readers, I would stop writing. I’d wonder, “What’s the point?” I can’t see you… but I keep writing anyway, believing that you’re really there, getting some kind of benefit from my posts.

If, over the years, I had depended on only the visible supply of financial resources, I wouldn’t have invested in education (college, as well as seminars, etc.)
. I might still be cleaning office buildings in the middle of the night. Honestly, if I have to be up at midnight at all, I’d rather be writing.

So… thanks for reading! 😉

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I'm Coming Out of Hiding!

If you’ve been following my story since 2002 when I began my website, you know that life has been crazy-busy for me with the seven kids, moving to Arizona, launching my books and programs, trying my hand at homeschooling, learning how to cook better, and so forth… (forget about laundry, it still isn’t done).

You also know that every time I am expecting a baby I go through bouts of depression where it seems that no matter how hard I try, it is physiologically impossible to think positive… and maybe you’ve read about how I’ve discovered how to let “good” flow into my life in spite of me.

Well, in between the great strides I’ve enjoyed through my challenges, all these years I’ve also felt pretty buried, and heavy with all the responsibilities on my plate. Thank heavens I do get joy from sharing what I learn along the way, and I thank you for being interested in learning from MY mistakes and epiphanies. (Somehow it helps me feel like they aren’t pointless!)

My challenges are gifts that I am determined to conquer so that I can share what I learn and save you from unnecessary pain and heartache.

Amazingly enough, last week I discovered why there is no better place to be than “feeling buried” – and I share why, in the post about “falling to success“.

Another recent epiphany I’ve had is related to “being in resistance”. I recognize that because I’ve felt “buried” all these years, I have been in resistance to speaking at live events. I viewed them as inconvenient and time consuming, and with everything else on my plate, I could scarcely see fitting them in. It’s the reason I wrote Jackrabbit Factor… so that I wouldn’t feel guilty for not conducting my seminars!

However, I’ve learned that whatever you are in resistance to, will persist in your life. I have been in resistance to too many demands on my time, so as a result, the demands on my time have been huge. They’ve buried me. Now, I’ve stopped fighting it, and with the surrender has come new and unexpected growth. This process is described in detail in the story of the ambitious acorn… in essence, it’s my story.

If you are in resistance to lacking money, you will continue to lack money. If you are in resistance about bad relationships, you will continue to have bad relationships.

For me, I have learned that by being in resistance to additional demands on my time, my time seemed to evaporate all the quicker.

So, as an experiment, I consciously recognized my resistance, and consented in my heart to go with the flow. Richard Bach’s story clip in my Be in the Prosperity Flow post has had a massive influence on my decision.

What this means in my situation is this: since I want more time with my family, I must stop resisting time away from them. I have decided to come out of hiding and start speaking more willingly at live events.

Instead of avoiding events, I choose to welcome them. (Against my deeply rooted programs!)

This experiment is only a few months old, and already I have seen a major INCREASE in the amount of time I have enjoyed with my family. It is SO counter-intuitive… but whatever it is that you want to harvest, is exactly what you must plant.

If you want an abundant harvest of time, you must let go of a little more of your time. If you want an abundance of money, you must let go of a little more of your money. If you want respect, you must give more respect. If you want happiness, you must help others have more happiness. If you want loyalty, you must be more loyal.

Because of this decision to release the squeeze I’ve kept on my time, our business has taken new form. It has forced us to grow, and required that we delegate more.

Gratefully (and none too soon) I found an amazing assistant to help me handle all of my responsibilities (someone perfectly suited for the position – not just because of her professional qualifications, but because she understands what we do, inside and out, from her experience as an FTMF honors graduate and attendance at Mentor Training), and now we’ve finally got someone else handling order fulfillment, too.


I’ve actually started a garden with my kids! I’ve been to the Science Center twice in the last 2 weeks – something that used to happen with my kids only about once every 2 or 3 years. I’ve made some pretty darn good meals in the last month (relatively speaking, of course), and we just went to a big bounce house place as a family and created some fantastic memories (check out these video clips – okay maybe later when I figure out how to post them… I’m working on it).

Laundry still isn’t done, but hey. Maybe I will “surrender to laundry” and see what kind of growth or epiphany that initiates…

Joy comes from change, no matter how small it is. If you submit to growth in the right direction, you’ll enjoy the rewards.

I released my relentless grip on my time, and things have transformed to give me more time. It’s a miraculous principle, and I highly recommend that you consider: what are you resisting? Let go of your resistance to it, and you’ll find yourself eventually freer than you ever could have imagined. The current will pick you up and you’ll appear to others to fly.

(YES, there is anxiety that shows up when you get ready to make a change, but the Stickman Video will help you understand it, and know what to do with it. Updated video coming soon, so if you want to see the unprofessional version before it’s pulled down, you’d better do it quick!)

Now, more than ever, I am finding great joy in sharing the principles of success so that you can enjoy more time and money freedom with YOUR family.

I hope you’ll join me at one of our next events. I want to meet you! Join us live, and/or participate in a teleclass. Meet our official mentors as they begin to conduct events as well! They are AMAZING people and I can’t wait to begin introducing each one of them to you.


Prosperity Perspective: Falling to Success

God seems to teach life’s most important lessons through symbols or analogies, and as we identify the profound messages contained in His creations, we can be at peace on our own path to prosperity and an abundant life… even in the middle of our greatest trials.

An image from nature came to mind as I sat in my car, so lest I would forget it, I pulled out my notebook and jotted it down:

A little acorn wants to become all that its blueprint promises that it can be. It is meant to become a grand and mighty oak, but for now, it is only a simple nut dangling by a stem.

It hangs on the parent tree and reaches high, wanting to see the grand views and sweep the vast sky with broad branches. It wants to experience the fluttering of leaves and the swaying of limbs, but alas, it can barely feel the breeze slowed by the shelter of its protecting parent.

Finally the parent hears its cry and says, “Yes, little seed, I have great plans for you. You will scrape the sky and sway in the wind, and the view will be glorious. You’ll provide a home for many creatures, giving shelter and food… your friends will be many, your influence will be vast, and you’ll be great and happy.”

The little acorn’s heart swells with excitement as it stretches its rigid shell upward to receive its promised reward, but instead of enjoying the exhilaration of greatness, it is shaken from the tree and takes a long, hard fall… landing with nothing more than a slight thud.

In fact, there is no apparent compassion or understanding, since its terrible fall seems to go unnoticed. Its very world seems to have crashed down, and yet time marches on for everything else around it.

The tiny acorn soon finds itself trampled upon, with dirt kicked rudely upon it. Eventually, it’s completely buried, in the dark, and alone.

“Have you forgotten me??!” He cries, but there is no answer… no explanation, no reprieve. Instead of rescue, the rain begins to pour and at once the buried seed believes it just may drown as well.

It tries to throw its weight one way and then the other to force its way out of the ground, or to find its way back to the tree. But nothing changes. It is as though it is trapped and cannot escape its doom.

Weary of the fight, it surrenders to its fate. Holding still with a sigh, the elements around it take notice of its calmed demeanor and begin to respond to its mere presence there. In fact, without any more futile struggle, it begins to notice there is a subtle change taking place within itself.

It discovers that as it remains calm, it actually ALREADY has all it needs, right there in its immediate environment. It hasn’t perished from being cut off from its parent, as it feared it might. Though the fall was frightening and terrible, there it remains, as alive and as well as before.

No, it has not perished. Rather, it has sprouted new parts of itself from within that it didn’t even know it could sprout, and the little seed begins to experience the joy that always accompanies growth and soul-expansion. Though it hasn’t achieved its ultimate goal, it feels good enough just to grow.

After that temporary period of loneliness and fear, soon the seedling has broken through the crust of earth and can finally see the goal again – though it has never appeared to be so far away as it is now.

However, in truth, it has never been closer.

Be patient, little seed; you were created for the greatness that is in store for you. Allow yourself time to develop roots, and keep reaching for the Sun. Trust God, and success is inevitable. All you need to accomplish the goal will be yours in the right time. Remember…

Peace, be still.

(c) Leslie Householder

Did you know? This acorn story was recently included in the updated editions of my best selling books Portal to Genius and Hidden Treasures (read them free!)


Be in the Prosperity Flow

Perhaps you’ve heard, “What you resist, persists.”

But what does this mean?

As a child of God you are entitled to all things necessary for your complete mental, physical, and spiritual development.

As writer Wallace Wattles put it,

“Man’s right to life means his right to have the free and unrestricted use of all the things which may be necessary to his fullest mental, spiritual, and physical unfoldment; or, in other words, his right to be rich…

“To be really rich does not mean to be satisfied or contented with a little. No man ought to be satisfied with a little if he is capable of using and enjoying more. The purpose of Nature is the advancement and unfoldment of life; every man should have all that can contribute to the power, elegance, beauty, and richness of life; to be content with less is sinful.”

To be content is to reject growth and development. We can and should be grateful for life as we have it now, but discontentment is God’s natural tool for encouraging us to continue striving toward our greatest potential.

When we resist change, we are fighting against nature itself. All nature, by definition, is impelled toward growth. If it is living, its object is expansion. We have a choice, to live, grow, and expand through change, or to begin the process of decay by refusing to grow.

So, nature is friendly to your plans. You want to grow and expand and develop into something greater than you were before. Nature expects that of you and has provided the way for you to achieve it. When life appears difficult and seems to be keeping you back from achieving your potential, it is not because the things you need are out of reach… it is because you are in resistance to the natural flow of growth.

When you fuss about the lack of money, you are in resistance. What you need will appear when you need it so long as you continue moving your feet in the direction of your objectives, trusting God to bring you the resources you need as you need them. So long as you can still do something more without additional resources, you are not stuck. Keep going.

In this moment, you have all you need. Be grateful. If you don’t have the money for next week’s bill, stop thinking about what you lack. You don’t need next week’s bill money today because it is not next week yet. Be grateful now and get busy setting up avenues for God to send you the money. Put the buckets out so that when the rain falls, you’re ready for it. Do what you can do RIGHT NOW.

How do you know what to do right now?

Decide what you want, and picture yourself with it. Pretend in your mind that it is already with you. See it; feel it. Ask God for it. Thank him for it.

Then go back to your life, and pay attention to ideas that will pop into your head. They may be as simple as “call John” or as random as “go pick up that piece of trash on the sidewalk”. They may be as easy as “wear your blue shirt today” or as hard as “take your vacation money and invest it in education”.

If you have taken the time to really picture and feel what you want, you can trust that you will be led to the resources you need for it to all work out in its proper time. Thought by thought, and action by action.

Giving more energy to the desired outcome and giving less energy to the way things are will lead you along in the flow of prosperity. It’s like tapping in to the jet stream and having it carry you swiftly and almost effortlessly to where you want to go. The hardest part is believing that faith in the flow will not fail you.

Learning to trust in God and in his direction for your life is probably the hardest but most rewarding thing you will ever do. Trust him, and he will lift you up to become more than you could ever become on your own. You’ll be even more extraordinary than you already are. You’ll be a light to others. You’ll lift and inspire, because God will be working through you… and wherever there is flow, things grow.

I love this segment of Richard Bach’s book, Illusions:

Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river.

The current of the river swept silently over them all – young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current going it’s own way, knowing only it’s own crystal self.

Each creature in it’s own manner clung tightly to the twigs and rocks of the river bottom, for clinging was their way of life, and resisting the current what each had learned from birth.

But one creature said at last, ‘I am tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust that the current knows where it is going. I shall let go and let it take me where it will. Clinging, I shall die of boredom.’

The other creatures laughed and said, ‘Fool! Let go, and that current you worship will throw you tumbled and smashed against the rocks, and you will die quicker than boredom!’

But the one heeded them not, and taking a breath did let go, and at once was tumbled and smashed by the current across the rocks.

Yet in time, as the creature refused to cling again, the current lifted him free from the bottom, and he was bruised and hurt no more.

And the creatures downstream, to whom he was a stranger, cried

‘See a miracle! A creature like ourselves, yet he flies!’

So if you want be free, you have to trust in the flow. Avoid resistance to the challenges and hardships God provides, because they contain the key to your freedom. Accept them, face them, focus on the successful outcome of them.

If your money is to grow, it needs to flow. Let it flow through you and you’re living according to the principles of prosperity. Currency is meant to keep circulating… think “current-cy”! (A wonderful tip I received from one of our mentors in training… thanks, Ken!)

Exchange money for things that have greater value and your wealth will grow. I know, it’s counter-intuitive, but you must invest. Invest in yourself. Have the mental stamina to think long-term and plan for your prosperous future. Make sacrifices – and remember that a sacrifice is, by definition, giving something up for something greater.

What can you do with that $50 (or $500… whatever the case may be), that will put you in a position to be able to receive more than what you spent? If, for example, you have access to money at 2% interest and earn 10% on that money, you have created wealth in your life… and in the lives of the other parties involved. As money flows, wealth grows.

(Spend borrowed money on things that do NOT produce income, and you are on the wrong side of the wealth creation equation. Be careful. Let money flow, but choose carefully where you put it.)

Investment in education is an investment in your ability to produce greater income. Investment in your business is an investment in its ability to produce greater income. Put your money where it will help you earn more money. Eventually, it works for you while you’re sleeping. It purchases your freedom to focus on all that was neglected when lack of money was a constant concern.

So get a clear picture of life the way you want it to be. Set the firm intention, and focus on accomplishing it.

You already have all you need to get it done, right now. Just like the team on Apollo 13 had a limited pile of gadgets to work with, they nevertheless had all they needed to reverse the catastrophe and bring them all safely home.

Keep your thinking in check, and you’ll be able to arrange all that you have, already at your fingertips, in such a way that you’ll get safely to your destination as well.

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