My Secret Dream (you might not believe it)

More than two decades ago I spotted a jackrabbit, and it led me to do quite a few crazy things. I saw it; and it caused me to spend grocery money on odd items (like more than a hundred seminars and countless success programs). It caused me to stay up late and go for days without stopping for a decent meal. Then, after seven years of chasing it, it was mine.

What do you suppose could cause me to behave this way? A mansion? A Mercedez? A giant diamond ring?

Believe it or not, it was simply the privilege of having time to put my house in order. Housekeeping. The joy of homemaking. Mothering. Wifering. Keeping my family running smoothly without concerns about money. That’s what drove me.

Ever since I was a little girl, I looked forward to all of it. But nothing of the picture I painted in my mind had anything to do with bills piling up. So when my husband and I became parents and found ourselves consumed with worry over money issues, I knew that even though I had achieved the wife and mother part, I hadn’t completely achieved my dream until I could let go of money concerns and clean my house and read to my kids and take life at a pace that was peaceful. Even when my husband’s work paid really well, I couldn’t stop worrying about long-term financial security.

So like I said, after seven years of chasing that rabbit, the ability to slow down and put my house in order was mine. But I didn’t stop to enjoy it like I thought I would have… because the minute I caught that rabbit, my heart changed.

Suddenly I felt consumed with passion for helping others experience the breakthrough we had enjoyed. So the orderly home once again had to wait. I saw images of other mothers who were seeking the same thing as I had wanted all those years, and I saw myself in a unique position to bring what we had learned to people of all backgrounds in a new and unique way.

Essentially, I spotted another rabbit.

This new rabbit caused me to to spend money on odd items (like more than $100,000 in more advanced seminars and business development programs). It caused me to stay up late and go for days without stopping for a decent meal. It made me bend over a computer for thousands of hours to tearfully learn web development and write books and articles. It caused me to talk to people who intimidated me and cancel social commitments that weren’t going to help me obtain it. It caused me to lose sleep, and even after a long days of chasing it, it still made me lay awake at night.

I learned once again that on the way to accomplishing anything good of significance, it is common for things to first get messier. As Price Pritchett described in his book You2 (You Squared), in the middle of a life-saving surgery it would appear that there has been a murder in the room.

So it was with me as I worked to create something that would help me help others have financial peace of mind. Trevan was more free to help me raise all these kids, and after so many years of laundry piling up while I worked at the computer, and after so many years of spills waiting for days to be cleaned up, and living in rooms where you couldn’t even see the floor, you have no idea how much joy I get out of slowing down, enjoying my kids, and cleaning my house!

It is living the dream to spend an hour or two at bedtime reading with my kids. It’s living the dream to stay caught up on laundry. It is a PRIVELEDGE to vacuum the floor, or to discuss with my fifteen year-old his French Revolution assignment. It’s a JOY to organize the pantry, and go through the kids’ drawers to pull out the articles of clothing that don’t fit anymore. It’s a dream come true to fold the towels and put them on the shelf before they’re needed again! I LOVE to load the dishwasher and see the counters wiped clean!

On occasion we’ve had hired help. It’s nice to have a clean house without lifting a finger. But I’ve discovered that there’s something I get – psychic income of sorts – when I’m the one personally responsible for the home being orderly. Maybe it’s because I went for so long not having time to do it even when I wanted to.

Maybe I’ll do it enough that I’ll eventually get it out of my system and hire help again so that my time can be spent on more meaningful contributions. But for now, I’m living my dream and loving it.

So you see, it doesn’t matter what your dream is… it’s yours to pursue and enjoy and it doesn’t have to be anything that impresses anyone else. I’d also like to point out that sometimes one rabbit leads to other rabbits that help you make a greater contribution and bring you greater joy than if you only stopped to enjoy the first one, and no others.

Anyway, even now we’re still very busy, and some of the day-to-day responsibilities fall behind (including housekeeping) when we’re gathering new rabbits as they come along, but it’s interesting to me to remember that the dream of being free to enjoy homemaking was the fuel that was originally responsible for the creation of The Jackrabbit Factor, Hidden Treasures, and everything else we provide at

It’s sort of ironic, if you think about it. With that in mind, I can’t wait to hear YOUR story when you describe what happens to you as you chase your rabbits, and then what happens after you ultimately catch them. Maybe we should start a new thread on the forums called, “A funny thing happened on the way to my dream…”

One thing is certain: I have had to overcome a LOT of challenges and I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way. The most significant lessons learned have been carefully documented and placed in the Family Time & Money Freedom Home Study Course, because Trevan and I vowed that if we ever figured out how to get out of the mess we were in, we’d make it a priority to share what we learned, so that other families wouldn’t have to suffer as long as we did.

For example, something important I learned is that the feeling of financial security does not necessarily come from a big pile of money in the bank. Financial security is simply knowing that you are capable of handling whatever comes your way when it comes… and that is something you can have here and now, even before you earn another penny. (I encourage you to just join the 12-week FTMF program so I can really help you learn how it works!)

Having that financial peace of mind then literally prepares you to receive more than you would have received if you had remained in a stressful, worried state of mind. That’s just the way it works. Having the right mindset puts you on a thought-frequency to discover solutions to the problems you face. The solution to every problem is only an idea away… and so the money you need in any given moment is closer than most people ever imagine. It all begins with gaining a heightened awareness of the laws of success as introduced in the Jackrabbit Factor Ecourse.

So your dream might not be to clean your own house and read to your kids at night without the nagging thought that you should be doing something to produce income. But whatever it may be, it is possible – or you wouldn’t have conceived it in the first place. Do the nutsy things that it leads you to do.

It will pay off… when the time is right, it will pay off… by law it must! And then don’t be suprised if you can’t help but feel driven to bring others along with you. It’s a great adventure and well worth the effort.