For a few good laughs

We released The Jackrabbit Factor ebook (El Factor Liebre – Spanish version) for FREE today!

Even though the story was translated professionally, I couldn’t help myself from trying to create a webpage to deliver it.

The problem is, I don’t really know Spanish.

So I found a free online translation tool and did the best I could. Our professional translator had a good laugh and is now working on fixing the mess I made. It will be fixed very soon.

So just for a few good laughs, I thought I’d share some of the quirky translation errors. It’s fun translating the so-called Spanish version back into English to see what happened to the original text. Here’s one example:

“Brought to you by”

Translated to: “Traído a usted cerca”

Which translates back to: “Brought you it surrounds”

Here’s another example:

“Don’t worry, the book was translated professionally. We’re sorry for the translation errors on this webpage!”

Translated to: “No se preocupe, este libro fue traducido al español profesionalmente. ¡Estamos apesadumbrados para los errores de la traducción en este Web page!”

Which translates back to: “One does not worry, this book was translated the Spanish professionally. We are grieved for the errors of the translation in this Web page!”

Even better, here are a few of my translated glowing testimonials.

“Within a pair of weeks I received the promotion to the director and an important increase of the pay… To Harper”

“I tripled to my retired rent and my husband of its work of the day… To say the information is to change of the life would be an underestimation! Thanks! – Marnie”

“… we will double really to our rent the east next year. Thanks, Leslie, to share these principles… CREALMENTE WORK! What excites more to me, is than there is no limit to which we can reach in the future! Thanks again! It smooths H”

Alas, we are grieved for the “errors of the translation.” We believe they will be corrected within a day or two. Until then, feliz lectura!

Please invite your Spanish-speaking friends to get a FREE copy Jackrabbit Factor (in Spanish) professionally translated.

(English speakers can still get it for free at

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Prosperity: It's a Language Thing

Learning to use the principles of prosperity for a better life is like learning to use a whole new language.

At first, you’re bound to make some mistakes. That’s normal. In terms of setting goals, It’s happened to me, too. There have been times when I thought I was communicating my desires in a goal statement very clearly, but instead they turned into circumstances that I never intended at all.

You know what? That’s okay! It’s all part of the learning process. Let me help you put it all into perspective:

Imagine going to a Spanish speaking country with nothing more than a basic understanding of the Spanish language and an English/Spanish translation handbook. (By “basic” I mean how much I know: words like “burrito,” “enchilada,” “hola,” “uno, dos, tres…” “Taco Bell,” …You get the idea.)

So you arrive in the foreign country and climb into a taxicab. You open your book and intend to tell the driver, “I want to go someplace quiet and beautiful where I can feel the Spirit of God.” So word by word, you search your translation book and say, “Deseo ir en alguna parte tranquilidad y hermoso donde puedo sentir el alcohol del dios.”

You spoke clearly and confidently, knowing that you said just what the book told you to say.

What you didn’t know was that the driver (who is a native of the country) hears, “Desire to go beautiful tranquility somewhere and where I can feel the alcohol of the God.”

Now let me ask you, where do you think he will take you??

When you end up at a saloon instead of a botanical garden or church, you might look at your Spanish book and throw it away saying, “This language doesn’t work!!!”

(Pause for reflection…)

Now, have you met anyone who has discovered the language of prosperity through “The Secret” or other books / tools, made an attempt to use it, and then threw it all away because “it” didn’t work?

Maybe you’ve even thought about throwing it all away.

Realize this: the language of faith and prosperity is just that: it’s a language… of the Spirit. It takes time to develop fluency. It takes practice to understand the cause and effect of thinking, feeling, and acting in this new and certain way.

When things don’t go the way you expect them to go, accept the results and simply learn from them. Take the lessons that are available in every challenge and let them work in you, so you can get closer to your goal more accurately the next time.

Don’t throw away the principles that you know deep down are true, even if the results you get aren’t what you expected them to be. When you end up at a saloon instead of a beautiful botanical garden, it wasn’t because the “book” or “language” didn’t work; the language actually works perfectly. You simply missed one critical word, substituting the word for “Holy Spirit” with the Spanish word for “sprits” (alcohol).

The words we choose as we set goals will also make a critical difference in the final outcome.

Let me give you an example. For a long time I had a goal statement that said, “Money comes to me frequently and easily from multiple sources in increasing quantities on a continual basis. People want my products; God helps his children through me.”

After about a year of this, I realized that the part, “People want my products” is exactly what I was getting: thousands of people who wanted my products. But the goal stated that way doesn’t exactly translate into revenue.

That’s when I changed my statement to more accurately reflect my true desire: “People BUY my products; God helps his children through me.”

See the difference? One word can make a big difference.

It’s a language thing.

We communicate our desires and receive what we ask for. “Ask and ye shall receive” is a true principle. But this language of faith that we are trying to learn comes from a foreign culture, a way of life that perhaps we remember from somewhere long ago, but has been temporarily forgotten in this mortal realm.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that in God’s culture, or “way of life,” when someone asks Him for increased faith, He doesn’t necessarily deliver faith, but opportunities to exercise faith. When we ask for financial freedom, He doesn’t give us piles of money but opportunities to develop multiple streams of income. When we ask for strength, we are given challenging experiences where we can develop the very strength we asked for. (The movie “Evan Almighty” illustrates this point beautifully – it is a movie I highly recommend.)

The bottom line is this: The more fluent we become in God’s language of faith, the more peacefully we will grow toward accomplishing all we truly desire.

Learn more at

(On a side note: I was so motivated to hurry up and release the free Spanish Jackrabbit Factor ebook, that although the BOOK was translated professionally, I took it upon myself to translate the webpage that delivers it with an online translation tool. The results, I’m told, were comical, so the page was professionally re-translated within a day or two.)