Prosperity and a Portrait

In 1998 I was vising the home of my friend’s parents. Their front room was large and beautiful, but the part that affected me the most was an enormous portrait on the high-ceilinged wall of a mother and her baby. It must have been taken 30 years ago, but the feeling in the picture was magical.

At the time, I had just had my 3rd baby, and I thought how wonderful it would be if I could have a portrait done with my newborn… something that would create the same cherished feelings of love for family as that portrait had done for me. But at the time we couldn’t afford it, so it never happened.

Each time I had a baby after that, I wanted to get a portrait done, but either lack of money or lack of time always prohibited us from accomplishing such a thing. I didn’t worry too much about it, because I always felt like I’d have another opportunity with the next baby. Surely by then we’d have the prosperity to warrant it.

Well, we just had our seventh, and last. Knowing that I did not ever expect to have another baby, I knew that this had to happen now or never. I would not accept excuses this time! Sure, money could be spent on more important things, and I don’t feel like I have an overabundance of time at my disposal, but I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by this time. These pictures were going to represent motherhood for me… and baby Sarah would represent all of my children, each one.

There was still one other obstacle to overcome, which I think only other parents of newborns would understand. I hadn’t really thought about the physical workout it would require! I’m only just over 3 weeks post-partum, and getting it done was tougher than I thought it would be. But I did it. Why do I share this in my blog? Because I’m celebrating!!!! Another dream came true. I mentioned on a teleclass the other day that we should focus on dreams that can bring a tear to our eye. This one always did for me.

To see my brand-new little collection of mommy-baby portraits, click here.


Principles of Prosperity in Action


One of my subscribers recently shared an experience that brought tears to my eyes.  She writes:

“I got The Jackrabbit Factor for Christmas last year and read it to myself and then to my husband. He shared it with a friend and now they talk rabbit talk.

“My husband is a professor of Acoustics at BYU. We have 6 children, one just graduated and the youngest is 3. We have heavy student loans for all the years in school and our finances are worse than they have ever been. I have always stayed at home with the kids and have home schooled all of them up till high school. Anyway, I’m sure you didn’t need to hear all that but I finally got a copy of your Hidden Treasures: Heavenly Help with Money Matters before Thanksgiving.

“My husband is so swamped at work with all the many demands that BYU has and he is trying to decide on a business idea because we know that we can’t afford to stay there with out any other income. So he told me to read the book and learn it so well that I could teach him. So I read it once and then came to the question section. While he is in Hawaii at a conference, I stayed up late and pretty much reread the book and answered the questions. I think I finally get the rabbit book now.

“So yesterday I remembered that a radio station was giving away 4 tickets a day to the 10th caller when a certain song was played to the Trans Siberian Orchestra. My 16 year old is way in to music and wanted to go so badly but no way could we afford $50 tickets. So I decided to try the laws (I thought of the story about the ticket). I signed up to find the hour that the song would play and told my family I was going to win 4 tickets. I tried to visualize all day them saying I had won and how excited my son would be. I wrote down how grateful I was that we won and how we would feel. I even called my husband in Hawaii to tell him I was going to win and then I was going to get new blinds for our front window which has ugly lace curtains. He laughed and said OK!

“Well the song was to play between 4 and 5 PM so I turned on the radio and my 13 year old was right there with me. I punched in the number on my 18 year olds’ cell phone and told her to call when I told her to (so we would have at least 2 chances). My excitement was growing and I did think “well I have tomorrow I could still win but it has to be today”. Of course they waited till 4:51 PM to play it but when I heard it I called 3 times but the lines were all busy. My daughter came out of the bathroom and said mom it’s ringing. I grabbed the phone and went into the garage because all my kids were screaming by this time. I could hardly hear the guy as he said hello. I immediately screamed, “did I win,” and he told me I had. A roar went up from the house and I began dancing, yelling “It works, it really works.” I had to give him some information and I need to go pick up the tickets but we are going to the concert next Saturday!!!!

“My kids were all amazed. What are the chances that you actually get through, let alone be the 10th caller? The Lord worked his miracle and now I have greater faith and hope that we will prosper and that these business ideas my husband has will work. I am so excited to teach him. Oh, by the way, he was astonished that I won. (My curtains are coming down to make room for new blinds.)

“I can’t thank you enough… It is so clear now. I think I will teach this to my kids also, then my sister whose husband has given up on all hope of a better life. Thank you for following the promptings. I know you have been inspired on all this.

“My husband has been listening to Earl Nightingale for years and years. So when he heard you learned from Bob Proctor, who learned from Earl—He was ready to listen. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to share this wonderful, inspiring story to show the principles of prosperity in action!!!!