Jennifer’s Graduation Spotlight

I’m pleased to present Jennifer de Azevedo Suttner as a new Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate!  

Jennifer has been a classic over-achiever with this Mindset Mastery program – the instruction for the Midterm was to pick something inconsequential to achieve, but she picked something which seemed anything BUT inconsequential. So, just don’t get any ideas that your midterm has to be as significant as hers… in fact, I almost made her re-do the assignment because she picked too big of a goal. Anyway, we went back and forth about it when she applied for graduation, and I finally decided to let it slide 😉

Enjoy the recap, in her words:

My Midterm Experience

I have been on an anxiety medicine for the past 8 years. I’ve tried to wean myself from this medicine a few times, but it’s quite a process. It’s like coming off an addiction… headaches, nausea, etc. I once had my doctor say she’d tried to get off the same medicine and it was so horrible she decided she’d just stay on it forever! This was unacceptable to me, but I hadn’t been successful. I decided I was going to be able to get off this medicine and feel fine while doing it. I spent time imagining tiny particles of this medicine emptying from a place in my mind into my blood stream, urine, sweat as I worked out, etc. I drank tons of fluids and pictured it flushing everything from my system while feeling good and productive and happy and clear. Every time I would start to feel a headache or nausea… I’d quickly imagine everything leaving my body. I would start to feel better and the discomfort would completely go away or at least become small and insignificant. I am STUNNED how this has worked considering I’ve tried to stop taking it before so many times and not been able to.

(WARNING to my readers – please do NOT stop taking medicine without your doctor’s supervision)

Work from Thin Air

I was supposed to be headed to Phoenix a couple weeks ago to attend a Genius Bootcamp. Everything was set except I didn’t have the gas money to get there. I just kept seeing myself at the bootcamp and did my best to not entertain any doubts. A week before I was to be there an old friend of mine posted on Facebook they were looking for an SEO specialist. Another old friend (that I’m totally surprised knew anything about what I’ve done professionally) tagged me in the post. Long story short…I got some freelance work that paid me the day before I drove to Phoenix. Coincidence? I think not. I think we have way more power than we allow ourselves to believe. It was a total confirmation to me of how things come together when you think right.

Finishing the Course

I have been looking for work a good part of 2018. I’ve never had trouble getting work before, but this year has definitely been a struggle. I can now see, however, how that trial has been a part of the answer I’ve been looking for. I have been a single mom for about 8 years. Since then, I have been on my own to pay the costs of raising three boys. I felt guilty for going from being at home for my boys to being a working-away-from-home-mom (often putting in 65 hours a week).

In my life, I felt the most fulfilled and happy when I was able to be present for my kids, be in the kitchen, spend time in the garden, and create a cozy, fun environment for my family. For years I have tried to think of a way I could provide for us while still doing what made me feel happy and fulfilled and good about myself. Last year I really started practicing the art of creating my life and meditating/praying and believing in something more than what everyone said was possible. Amazing things happened… followed by some not-so-amazing things (Hence the job search). But, the job search is what led me to questions, that led me to Leslie Householder’s work, that has led to many other answers to my dilemmas (including work that will allow me to provide and be home for my family). For the first time in a while, I am really excited about what happens next. I am so grateful…

Congratulations, Jennifer! You’ve done an amazing job! 

And I will add, that because Jennifer came along, MY books are finally available on Audible.

Don’t see the connection?

Well, it just goes to show that what you want, wants you. During my interaction with her, we discovered that she knew how to help us get past the Audible hurdles that have been in our way since 2014. Thanks to Jennifer and her Dad, Jackrabbit Factor is finally available HERE, Hidden Treasures is finally available HERE, and Portal to Genius is coming soon. Thanks SO MUCH, Jennifer (and Ric)!


What’s YOUR story going to be?

I want to see YOU graduate, too! Learn more about the Mindset Mastery program HERE.

The 12-week Mindset Mastery Program is not to be confused with the 8-week Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse. The Fundamentals Ecourse is a powerful exploration of the principles that govern success, and takes an introductory approach for effective goal setting. By contrast, the Mastery Program is focused on the *implementation* of the principles and the *achievement* of your goals. It is full of interesting assignments that take you step-by-step through two experimental goals, challenging your thought processes, helping you experience success, and setting up a pattern in your thinking that you will be able to utilize over and over for effectiveness with all of your future goals. I hope you’ll join me in one of these programs, to help you take your understanding and success to the next level in ALL the different areas of your life. Learn more about the difference HERE.

On the rabbit trail…

Here’s some fun feedback from one of the participants at my last Genius Bootcamp (Special Engagement):


I wanted to say thank you again for giving Kim and I such a great experience the past three days at Genius Bootcamp. …I believe I will have many more aha moments as I reflect on what the Spirit has taught me through this experience.

Speaking of signs, you may remember that upon arriving in Mesa at midnight, Kim and I had a rabbit run right in front of our car through the middle of a huge busy intersection. Tonight, as we were driving home, we missed our exit so had to take the next exit, it looks like we are on the right path, or trail (:

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Choosing gratitude

Ponder this:

The sooner you choose gratitude no matter what is going on, the sooner your suffering ends.

Even if the problem doesn’t end, your suffering can.

To some small degree I have tested this, and I can say that I DO feel better more quickly, and even my circumstances begin to turn for the better not too long after I fall on my knees and say, “Thank you for this challenge. I don’t understand why it’s good, but I know that it must be [because of the Law of Polarity].”

Let me share with you one of my favorite quotes, from one of my favorite books. It reads:

“If you wish to feel the most penetrating power of the Spirit, try the experiment of giving thanks in the moment of disappointment, of tragedy, of the specter of ruin. When you are able to do it consistently, you will feel as though you have discovered and united with the mystery of life.”

See why I love it so much?

It comes from one of my favorite books ever. I’ve said many times that it is the book I wished I’d written. It’s called “Light in the Wilderness” by M. Catherine Thomas. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the principles on a deeper level from a spiritual perspective.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I invite you to give this principle a try this week.