Why Motivation Doesn’t Last

If you’re anything like me, you’ve felt empowered when you learn something new about the way you think, or the way the Universe operates. That feeling can come from an article, a book, a workshop, an encounter with a mentor or leader, or even a good movie.

But do you ever feel frustrated that the empowerment just doesn’t last?

Some people discredit self-help or personal-development material altogether for this very reason. It can make them feel on top of the world for a few days, but then life often just goes back to normal, or worse. So when another opportunity comes along, they naturally feel jaded or discouraged and choose not to participate, because after all, the motivation never lasts anyway.

It’s like they go on a personal-development DIET.  But here’s why doing so may be more dangerous than they think…

I remember feeling that way for at least 7 years. Until eventually I had an epiphany that changed me PERMANENTLY. So, I can say from first hand experience that it IS possible to experience something that lasts.

True, the same book, event, or experience does not affect everyone in the same way. But how can you ever know whether that next book, event, or experience might have been the ONE experience that finally changes your life, if you quit searching?

When the student is truly ready, the answers do come.

Until then, continue gathering morsels of wisdom because each one leads you closer, and prepares you for the solution, which will finally make all the difference.

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In the meantime, if you get discouraged about motivation that doesn’t last, look at it this way:

Your LUNCH didn’t last either.

(And in fact, neither did your shower.) But you aren’t going to quit eating just because your most recent meal didn’t last forever.

Each meal keeps you going until the next. Feeding your mind and spirit is no different. When your mind and spirit becomes weak, it’s time to feed it!

So, have you been on a mind-diet lately? If so, is there something you’re hoping to “lose”??

Indulge your mind! It won’t show up on your hips and it won’t expand your girth, so feast away! 🙂 Eventually, trust that you will find exactly what you’re looking for. That’s a Biblical promise, in fact. (Matthew 7:7)

Anyway, here’s something that I believe will change your life, and it’s FREE: Click here to read the award-winning best seller: The Jackrabbit Factor.

And then if you want to go deeper, join me in the Mindset Mastery program, or register for Genius Bootcamp (if you prefer a live 3-day workshop).

Either way, I look forward to helping you experience your next big breakthrough!


Leslie Originally published June 28, 2001


Meet Shantel McBride

Shantel McBride is one of our busiest Genius Bootcamp Facilitators. She loves Genius Bootcamp, and because of the quantum leaps it created in her life, she has been teaching what she’s learned ever since.

Outside of Genius Bootcamp, she also teaches other classes such as “Live Like You’re Dying”, “Ideal Life Vision”, “The Power of Words” and also offers personal mentoring.

At a time when I was running out of steam, Shantel showed up and became the wind beneath MY wings. She believed in my message, could personally vouch for its power, and has since been a strong driving force behind keeping the Genius Bootcamp project alive.

Shantel is a mover and a shaker. She hosts a show on K-Talk Radio called INSPIRED CONVERSATIONS, and is an in-demand coach and mentor.

Listen to her presentation at a TEDx event on the topic: “Live Like You’re Dying”. So powerful!

And of course, I should add, she continues to facilitate Genius Bootcamp trainings in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Mesa, Arizona.

Thanks for all you do, Shantel! You are certainly a force to be reckoned with!!


Meet Denise Webster

Denise Webster is one of our FTMF Honors Graduates who went on to Mentor Training as well as Genius Bootcamp Facilitator Training.

Because she’s also working on a book, she has also been through Profitable Author training, and attended one of our Book Writing Retreats.

Because of her dedication and rapid progress, in 2010 she was appointed a member of our Mentor Advisory Board, and I’m very excited to have you meet her now.  I want you to see what she’s gone on to do and become… and I know that it’s only the beginning!

For one thing, she’s built (and continues to build) a fabulous website called All About Becoming, which shares her stories, humor, expertise, confessions, and unique perspective on the Laws of Success.

…And recently she was invited to speak for a TEDx event. So funny and so real!

One last thing you should know, is that she’s now facilitating Genius Bootcamp trainings for those who can get themselves to the Southern Utah region.

Way to go, Denise! So glad to have you on the team!!


Giving Yourself an Experience

All life is impelled toward growth. You want to grow, and change, and improve a number of different aspects of your life. Would you like to know the real reason why it’s so hard to make those changes happen?

Programs. We’ve been programmed to think a certain way. Our behaviors are automatic results of those programs, and if we want to change our behavior or circumstances, even if the circumstances ‘appear’ to be out of our control, then the change MUST begin with the way we think: our programs.

How can I know for sure what kind of programs are running my life? I’ll give you something to chew on:

If I look at my mind as a marvelous computer, then perhaps I could consider the possibility that all of the results and circumstances in my life are a direct byproduct of the way my mind processes input, such as previous experiences. Data in…programs running…processed information based on those programs…automatic behaviors determined by the programs… perfectly predictable outcomes.

How can I say that? How can I say that the outcomes are perfectly predictable? Ask yourself this: how long have you been struggling with that relationship? How long have you dealt with those financial issues? How long have you been feeling that way about yourself and your physical condition?


Would you like something to change? I promise you this: when a new internal program has been uploaded, the results come naturally. You’ll be astounded at how people’s responses to you start to look different. Your improved health habits will feel like a natural part of you. The money will start to flow in faster than you spend it. It will happen naturally, and as a result of Universal Law which cannot err.

Are you 100% excited about your life just the way it is? If not… if there are some changes you’d like to see in your environment/relationships/ checkbook/health… there’s no need to get frustrated about trying to make changes that just don’t seem to stick. Your mind is the greatest computer ever created, and the only things that need to change are the programs you already have running.

So what programs are in there? If you’re always strapped for time or money, then you have a program that is set up to make sure that never changes. That is your ‘truth’ about life. To you, that is just the way life is. A new truth will never step in until your mind has been scanned for those kinds of ‘viruses’. You’ve got to know they are there before you can delete them, upgrade them, or at least quarantine them.

I thought I had life pretty well figured out. I’ve been happy with my results, and felt like I had the understanding and tools I needed to make other changes as I continue to recognize areas where I can improve. However, through attending certain seminars, I discovered one major program that has been running my life that I had not noticed on anything more than a superficial level.

So, even though I’ve been pleased with my results, my mind opened up to see a way in which it can be infinitely better, as I consciously recognize the program, and take care of it just the way I was taught. As the old saying goes: Pigs don’t know pigs stink. Sometimes we have to submit ourselves to an experience before we will recognize areas where we can improve; and the rewards for that kind of self-exploration are endlessly amazing.

The program costs $1000.




Did you recognize any of your old programs firing away when you read that? Maybe they said, ‘I can’t afford that, no matter how good it is.’ Or, ‘What a scam.’ Or, ‘She’s just trying to make a buck off of me.’ Or, ‘Pshh. That’s a drop in the bucket.’ Or, ‘I’d have to go into debt for that.’ Or, ‘No seminar could be worth that kind of money.’

I challenge you to take a good look at how you respond to the simple data input: This hypothetical program costs $1000.

What has happened in your life to create the program which fired off when you read that? Do you remember what it was? If not, you’ll probably find out if you start allowing yourself the experience of attending some life-changing seminars. Did you notice the one program listed above that said, ‘Pshh. That’s a drop in the bucket’? Did you know that there are truly people who will say that, and refuse to go because if it is that cheap, it must not be very valuable?

Interesting how one statement will trigger a different program in every individual who reads that. How do we know what kind of programs are in our minds? Whatever they are, they have dictated your behaviors, and your behaviors have brought you to the place you are right NOW.

A person with a healthy wealth-consciousness will naturally behave like a wealthy person, even if they are not wealthy yet. Those behaviors will put them in a state of being which, like a magnet, will attract to them every event, person, and circumstance they need for it to come true in real life.

So the changes you seek must begin with your thoughts. I challenge you to behave as THOUGH you already had the quality you want. If you want wealth, behave as though you were already wealthy. Do you think a wealthy person would react with ‘I can’t afford that, no matter how good it is’? No, and neither will a person who is developing wealth-consciousness. A person who is ready to experience a different kind of life will take a risk, and allow themselves to choose different thoughts than are comfortable. The risk lies in thinking differently than what feels comfortable. The risk doesn’t lie in making the purchase. The only risk we face is allowing ourselves to think differently.

How is the purchase not a risk? The purchase is nothing more than an event. You color the ‘event’ with your personal perspective about it. Your perspective is determined by your programs, and your programs have put you where you are today.

So the only risk you face is the risk you take when you allow your programs to continue to run your life. When a person thinks, ‘I can’t afford that,’ they have already shut the part of them down that picks up on ideas (which DO EXIST, by the way) which will allow you to invest in yourself without sacrificing other financial obligations that are important to you. THAT’S the risk: you risk shutting down the faculty of your mind that finds solutions to your most challenging problems. The purchase is not the risk. It’s just an event.

If you are the kind of person whose program fired, ‘I’d have to go into debt for that,’ then although you may attend, you will predictably incur debt to do it. Did you know that it doesn’t have to be that way? Don’t tell me you’re on a fixed income. That’s an excuse. You can attend it, even if you don’t have the money right now, and you can attend it by going into debt, but you don’t have to. You can do this even without going into debt. Where will the money come from? Wherever it is now. Don’t shut out the solution simply by deciding ahead of time that there isn’t one!

Have you ever gone into your room to find your wallet when you are already late for work, and the more you freak out that you’re late, the longer it takes for you to finally discover it? Have you stopped, taken a deep breath, and pictured yourself with it in your hands, rejoicing that it was finally found… and then within moments, you see it in plain sight where it had been all along? If you haven’t tried that, do it. It works.

Now, apply it to the parts of your life you’d like to see change. Instead of freaking out that you don’t have $1000 for a seminar that will create an atmosphere where you can finally change your life, take a deep breath and see yourself feeling the joy and experiencing some major breakthroughs, and you will put yourself in tune with the ‘way’ to get yourself there, which already exists in plain sight… if you’ll relax and allow yourself to move forward ‘as though’. Just like the wallet, your solutions already exist.

The person who hopes for, and expects to find a way is the one who finds the way. The person who allows the program ‘I can’t afford it’ to determine their behavior is the person who remains trapped in life as they know it… and with an attitude of ‘can’t’, his or her life is on a decline, because there is no such thing as remaining the same. We either grow or we decay, there is no status quo.

A seminar won’t change your life. You will. But the seminar will provide you with an environment and the support to get it done.

Take the next step. There is so much abundance waiting for you to claimm in all of the areas of your life.

I recommend at least the following two sources in particular for seminars: my Genius Bootcamp, where I’ve pulled together and now present the best material I’ve found over the last 15 years, and The Heart of the Matter, another article which will lead you to another event resource outside of my organization. I receive no compensation for recommending this other source.