Principles for a Stronger Marriage

Marital Revolution

Positive Thinking Tip: Focus on principles for improving your marriage, and everything else goes better, too.

My friends Dino and Shannon (who joined me for one of my Book Writing Retreats, and who are pictured here) have done an excellent job putting together some principle-based, content-packed videos for you on how to get more love and understanding in your relationship.

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With the combination of great information and their personal stories (like, Dino watching his dad drive away as he stood on the sidewalk as a kid, or Shannon’s dad dying from a heart attack instead of facing a divorce) make this a moving and hope-giving “must watch”.

It really doesn’t matter where you are in your relationship. If you’re struggling or if you’re doing great, every garden needs weeding from time to time.

These free videos are literally for everyone:

Business of Marriage Video Access

You’ll be glad you watched. What I’ve learned from Dino and Shannon has made a big difference in my marriage – and I thought we already had it pretty good.


Leslie Householder