Prosperity Challenge: Is Victory Really Possible?

When challenges come, have you ever doubted whether there really is success to be had on the other side? A continual barrage of setbacks can cause you to question even the possibility of victory.

It was only last month that I myself was beginning to wonder if some of my latest dreams in the making were God’s tool just to get me to do what he wanted with the proverbial carrot dangling in front of my face which never gets any closer. In fact, some of my dreams felt like they were more than two long years overdue. All I could do was keep moving my feet in that direction, but I don’t know if I had ever been stretched that far. However, instead of teasing me eternally, God let it finally materialize. I’m sobered, and grateful, and I certainly don’t take it for granted.

If you’re questioning the possibility of victory, know that the success is already there awaiting your arrival, and keep moving in that direction until you reach it. There is no “IF,” there’s only “WHEN.” I know now that it’s true on a deeper level than before. I’m a different, and better person for having my own perserverance so severely tested.

I knew the challenges were good, because I had long since learned that with the Law of Attraction, the challenges are actually part of the recipe to the very cake I ordered. But I had begun to wonder if the challenges would ever give way to the victory. Now I know (again) that they eventually do.

Every time I have set a goal of significant magnitude, I have been obliged to face a challenge or two (or three, or a HUNDRED) that had be overcome before I was to finally able to enjoy the victory I sought.

I can say with certainty that the images of our dreams are ours because they are possible, and are waiting for us at the end of our persistence test.

By the grace of God, it comes. One thing I can say for sure though, is that God does not give us the victory if WE stop preparing for it.

Each time, this goal setting process seems to stretch me to my limits, and beyond. Yes, each time. The more I go through the process, however, the more practice I have in enduring it. Every story of success that I share with you has an untold struggle that went with it. No matter how many times I’ve succeeded, the process repeats itself to some degree.

Having an understanding of the process doesn’t take the process away, it simply makes it bearable and helps me keep doing my part. It gives me peace of mind to realize and be consciously aware of the fact that the darkness, uncertainty, and turmoil in the middle is simply the gift, the opportunity to prove myself. It’s where I can exercise my faith like a muscle, demonstrate my drive to press on (though it may feel like I’m crawling to the finish line, bleeding and delirious), and hold fast to my expectancy of the WIN on the other side. Knowing how the Law works, I begin to feel differently about the struggle, and seeing it for what it is, I’m better able to be grateful for it, and thus the sooner I’m able to receive.

Maybe you didn’t know this is how the Law of Attraction really works.

Your job is to set the goal, see it done, feel the victory ahead of time, take action when opportunities and/or ideas come along (no matter how frightening they may be), and finally, do not neglect one other final ingredient to the recipe:

Perseverance. Your greatest victories will always follow the most intense struggles.

“Then, what is the law of attraction for if I still have to endure challenges?”

The Law of Attraction simply guarantees you will absolutely be provided with everything you need to accomplish the goal . . . and it will all show up just when you need it, at the right and perfect time . . . never any sooner. It promises that if you can conceive it, you can achieve it.

So what will you accomplish next?

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3 thoughts on “Prosperity Challenge: Is Victory Really Possible?

  1. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us and the wisdom you gained through your experiences helps us all. On a side note, you’re an excellent writer that articulates so clearly. Thank you.

  2. Leslie,
    Thanks for the great reminder! I’m not patient by nature and always have to remind myself that this is a process, not a pill!
    Thanks! Alisa

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