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On Meditation

meditationInteresting story to preface…

Someone emailed me the other day to tell me that she thinks I’m a lovely person and all, but that my writings have too much of a ‘religious’ tone to them. She was polite and appreciative, but clearly wishing she could learn the principles from a more secular point of view.

I can appreciate that. I respect her point of view and certainly never intend to offend anyone by focusing on how to partner with God to accomplish goals. After all, one of my foundational tenets comes from the Articles of Faith, specifically #11:

[I] claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of [my] own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.

(Or not at all, if that’s what they choose.)

And the good news is that the principles of success and the power of positive thinking is applicable and accessible to all people, whether or not they belong to organized religion. Obviously.

So why a religious tone at all?

To answer this, I need you to understand some history. When I began learning these principles, it was primarily from a secular (non-religious) angle, and yet the principles fit so perfectly WITH my religious beliefs that I felt compelled to share with my churchy peers how it all comes together. My work was meant to serve as a bridge between the two camps, by focusing on what they have in common.

For those who only live in the secular world, the bridge seems unnecessary at best and annoying at worst. I understand that – I never expected my angle to resonate with everyone.

But when I began my websites and seminars more than 10 years ago, my target audience was specifically those who believed in God, who were faithful in their belief system of choice, and who maybe weren’t sure it was okay to prosper, or even how to do so without offending their Maker.

One of my business mentors questioned my judgment and could not understand why I wouldn’t want to share the message with a broader audience.

But that’s exactly why I didn’t – because nobody else had bridged that gap in quite the same way. This would be my unique contribution.

The Spiritual Conflict

The enemy of the human soul would have us fail, remain in bondage, and live in despair; and has managed to convince too many of us that it’s ‘evil’ to hope for something better.

Instead, I believe that God would have us seek out the laws that govern success, because as we learn the truth about them, we can become free.

As one of my mentors Bob Proctor taught,

“There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.” Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21

(Bob Proctor is not a member of the Mormon faith, but appreciated the truth contained in that particular Mormon text. And I will add that although he generally takes a secular, scientific, non-religious angle with his teachings, he also appreciates truth wherever he finds and recognizes it.)

I believe the text to be true as well, and thus it became my quest to discover the laws that govern prosperity.

More on that story – watch the Visual Aid that Changed Everything

Now and then, you’ll see I’ll share tips that are more scientifically or secularly oriented, because I do think it’s good to understand the principles from all angles. We would ALL do well to be educated in a broad spectrum of subjects, and should realize that we don’t have to give up what we know to be true to accept additional truth.

The fact is, truth fits.

In other words, if it’s true, it will always fit with the truth you already have. If it doesn’t fit, then you can weigh out the differences and let the Spirit of God enlighten your mind to see clearly what is false. Meditation can help de-clutter the mind of the noise and allow you to tune in and more clearly hear / feel divine guidance from the Spirit of God.

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So today, I decided to share some thoughts about Meditation, a practice from which religious and non-religious people alike have benefited for millennia. In my humble opinion, meditation does not replace prayer, but for me, it has been a powerful tool in conjunction with prayer.


So you need to slow down. Calm down. Be at peace, and listen. And if meditation helps, do it.

However you view it, whether you use it as a way to get closer to God, or perhaps as a way to connect with nature / your inner voice /  highest self, here are some tips from Karl Moore, owner of Inspire3, and creator of the Brain Evolution System:

While home may be the most convenient place to meditate, it also is an environment that can introduce the most distractions. So having an audio program playing in the background, or in a headset can help you stay focused.

One challenge to effective meditation can be staying awake. It might be good to meditate after you’ve already had a few hours of sleep. The mind is often the most at peace during early morning before the stresses of the day set in. Meditating with the sunrise is always a serene experience. An early meditation also helps you turn on a positive state and take on the world during the day with a positive mindset.

Many  find that their mind wanders easily and that they really benefit from a guided meditation from time to time.  There are many meditation recordings and brainwave audios to keep your meditation on track so you can work with your subconscious mind to achieve your goals more confidently.

It is best to choose one special place for meditation, so that you come to associate this place with a relaxed, tranquil meditative state, and your state will begin to shift as soon as you enter that space.

Do not confine your meditation practice to one place and one time during the day. You can take your meditation with you where ever you need to go. When you reach a meditation state that you like, anchor it. An anchor is any physical stimulus you choose. It may be as simple as touching your thumb and baby finger together. The next time you are stressed out, call up your anchor, relax, smile and remind yourself that you are going to do great.

These meditation tips have been brought to you by the Brain Evolution System.

The fact is, divine guidance truly is available to everyone, but there is a price to pay in order to hear it, recognize it, and know it for what it is. There’s no mistaking it when you feel it, but you have to make room for it first.

Genius Bootcamp provides the coaching, training, and support, to help you make room, so you can realize how accessible and clear personal revelation can be.

After all, the solution to every problem is only an idea away, and to me, a genius idea = inspiration from God. But whether you believe in God or if you believe in a Higher Power by some other name, Bootcamp is a place where you can awaken / strengthen your personal connection with the wisest “mentor” you’ll ever know.

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Originally published October 21, 2013


What if My Spouse Doesn’t Think Positive?


I’ve had this question come in time and again about how much our thoughts can influence a situation if our spouse’s thoughts do not support our own. If we shouldn’t manipulate another person’s freedom to choose, how does this all work in a marriage if both parties are not on the same page?

Some people have a gift of strong faith, and others struggle more to develop it. If you have an easier time with faith than your spouse, it may be your role to encourage, inspire, and exercise patience.

Your challenge will be to demonstrate faith in SPITE of your spouse’s doubt. See how we all grow? Even those who have a natural tendency for faith will be tested, just in a different way.

Positive, faithful thoughts are many times more powerful than negative ones.

Your spouse’s negative thoughts will not sabotage yours, unless you worry that they will. So choose to believe. As long as YOU maintain a peaceful expectancy for that which you seek, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Just remember though, in your marriage, keep PEACEFUL expectancy for success… don’t be manipulative!!!

In other words, if you keep expecting your spouse to change, stop it.

“People don’t resist change; they resist BEING changed.” Bob Proctor

Imagine your relationship happy. Feel the relief and gratitude you expect to feel when things are better. Imagine the prosperity. As the nature of your thoughts improve from critical and impatient to cheerful and at-peacefulness, the general feeling in the home will improve… and you’ll find that the rising tide lifts ALL ships.

As you imagine feeling the feeling you want to achieve in your home, you’ll be inspired as to what YOU can do to help it evolve in that direction. Don’t be surprised if you feel inspired to relax a little, and stop trying so hard to change everything. Ironically, this is often the first step to realizing true change, and often the hardest step for a real goal-achiever/go-getter to take.

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Your vision and thoughts won’t force your spouse to change, nor should you expect them to. But they can certainly create an energy in the home that can help inspire it to happen in a very natural, gradual way.

Choosing faithful thoughts can help your spouse feel more hopeful. Once your spouse feels a little better, and begins to imagine the possibilities, opportunities will naturally follow, by the law of perpetual transmutation.

If your concerned that your spouse doesn’t have a better job, figure out “why” it needs to be better. Because, if the “why” is what you’re really after, the “how” may be something you never thought of. It could happen without a different job. The job itself could morph, or some other opportunity may come along, or you may find a way to accomplish the same ideal without a change in income.

Your thoughts do have power to bring opportunities… but your spouse must choose for him or herself whether or not to take them. So, bottom line, focus on the picture of your life the way you want it, and at the same time, release your expectations on your spouse.

Oh, the mental gymnastics!!!

Consider asking whether or not your spouse minds if you try to picture a better opportunity on his or her behalf. Your spouse may be more supportive than you think, and may end up testing the principles for him or herself as s/he sees things work for you. Best of all, you’ll begin to work together as one to achieve common goals. There is little else more powerful than that.

And don’t forget: it’s possible to get what you need without a change in income. Trades, gifts, odd windfalls… keep an open mind. As Wattles puts it, you “image” the thing, and the Universe will find the most efficient way of bringing it to you. Don’t pinch off the possibilities by deciding how it has to happen. Have fun daydreaming AND at the same time, relax about the “how”.

Above all, be grateful for however things line up. By choosing gratitude no matter what, you qualify yourself for the best possible outcome.

So if your spouse doesn’t respond the way you hope, be grateful anyway, trusting that God is leading the both of you along to learn the lessons he has in mind for you, all at the right time. Count it all a blessing.

In summary…

How to blow it: picture what you want, and wait for your spouse to make it happen. (You’ll end up in a negative “vibration” that will repel the things you want.) You’ll drive BOTH of you crazy if you’re always measuring your spouse’s behavior against your goals. Don’t base YOUR belief on anyone else’s actions. Your belief alone can be enough to initiate a significant shift.

How to succeed: picture what you want, see the prosperity in your mind, and enjoy the daydream, and then take the actions that come to YOUR mind. Trust God to inspire you to know exactly what YOU should do next. You can be shown a way to meet your obligations and thrive, all the while maintaining the values that are most important to you. He will help you get the timing right, too. You may even feel instinctively inclined to wait a little while before hitting it hard. Trust the peaceful impressions you feel, even if they seem illogical.

Knowledge eradicates fear and doubt. The more you understand, the more effective you become at applying the principles with success.

Lastly, read Portal to Genius – because the marriage described in that really FUN book illustrates exactly how all of these ideas really play out.

Originally published February 5, 2007


Strengthening the Pull of a Magnetic Personality

A magnetic personality is not achieved by being super cool or amazingly talented. It’s achieved by finding and showing appreciation for the qualities, strengths, and talents in OTHERS.


I’ve been in front of a few audiences over my lifetime, and yes, I’ve had that gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach as I anticipated speaking in front of all those strangers – even suffering with anxiety for days (sometimes weeks) before the event.

But I don’t feel that way about speaking anymore, thank heavens.

So what changed?

Well, there is that “getting used to it” thing. Do anything often enough and the anxiety can go away, eventually.  Even the most embarrassing of moments pale over time.

(Like the time I tried to be super clever in front of 500 guests at a convention and failed miserably. Inspired by a traditional Indonesian dance, I thought I’d demonstrate my sweet Tari Piring skills… WITH a piece of pie on my plate. The plate stayed in my hand of course, but the pie flew off onto the floor, right in front of the directors’ table. Shocking, I know. Didn’t see that one coming, did you.)

But aside from practice, and time passing, there is something more that can be done to immediately get past that self-conscious oh-my-heck-what-are-people-thinking-about-me-right-now feeling.

See, here’s the thing:

The thoughts and feelings you show up to the meeting with DO emit some kind of a “vibration” that people will pick up on. If you’re cheerful, people like that. They enjoy other people that make them feel good.

But this can be taken one step further, and I hope you test this out for yourself:

When you put yourself in front of people (whether it’s an individual or a conglomerate of people in an audience), DON’T WORRY about whether or not they dislike you, because if you do, you’ll probably unconsciously cause the very thing you hoped to avoid.

Let’s not trigger a self-fulfilling prophecy, shall we?

To entertain worry actually puts you into a “negative vibration” which is usually a huge turnoff to people.

No, to get them to like you, all you have to do is LIKE THEM first.

You can choose to like people – just find something about them to like – and by liking them, you send out a positive vibration that will naturally cause them to mirror the feeling back.

Keep this principle alive in your life and you will always have an abundance of friends. Remember this key idea and you can be confident in a room full of strangers. I’ve been told that sure, you should muss and fuss over yourself and the way you look while you’re preparing to talk to people, but the minute you walk out the door, it’s no longer about you. Focus on the people around you and forget about yourself.

“Love your neighbor” (Matthew 22:37-39). It is a timeless principle here well applied. Plant good seeds by following this advice, and you’ll more easily reap a harvest of good company (Gal 6:7-8).

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Originally published June 28, 20015