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Funny Story – Someone Should Have Called the Cops on ME

when you don’t achieve the results you expect, “check the address”.

Some time ago I was in Utah with my husband and two of my kids for a conference, and while we were there, I needed to pick up some books from Garrett Gunderson, my co-author for Portal to Genius.

I love telling people about his book, Killing Sacred Cows, and needed some more to have on hand for my local events.

(Both books are very much worth reading, by the way…)

I texted Garrett while I was there, and since it was on a weekend and nobody was in his office, my only other option on short notice was to pick some of the books up from his home.

He responded, “I’m out of town, so just go get some from the garage in the back of my house. We have some friends staying there in an RV out front – just tell them why you’re there if they ask.”

I rounded the corner to his home and pulled up in front.  “I’ll just be a minute, kids.”

The house was dark, and so was the RV, so I just went to the gate, followed his instructions on how to get in, and made my way to the back garage.  The door was ajar, so I let myself in.

A quick scan of the area produced nothing – I couldn’t find any books – so I texted Garrett again for better instructions.  He didn’t answer, so I called my husband.  “Can you try to get a hold of Garrett and ask him where in the garage are the books?”

A few minutes later, he came back with, “You were supposed to do this tricky latch thing with the gate…”

“Yeah, I did that; I’m already in the garage – where are the books?”

“He said they’re in the back garage…”

“Yeah, I know; I AM in the back garage. Where in the garage are these books supposed to be?”

“He just said it would be obvious.  There’s 5,000 books in there.”

I was stumped.  I looked around, and I saw nothing but 3 cars and some tools, and a few large RubberMaid-style plastic bins – not the best for book storage, and no way there would be room inside those bins for 5,000 anyway.  I checked the rafters above me. I prowled between all three of the cars, scanning every square inch, thinking I must be blind.

Why don’t his directions make any sense? Why aren’t they producing the results that he promised?

I came out of the garage and walked out to the front again.  I turned around and retraced the same steps, following the directions perfectly. I prowled around the darkly lit back yard a bit, double-checking to make sure there wasn’t another back garage somewhere, and ended up back in the same garage with no greater insight than I had before.

I called Trevan again. “Honey, there are NO books in here – and nowhere to hide 5,000 of them anyway.  I’m sure if this pile of books was a snake it would’ve already bit me… but I’m stumped.  Will you call Garrett again?”

Trevan ended up calling Garrett two or three times. He told Garrett, “She can’t find them.”

Garrett responded, “I don’t know how she could miss them! Is she in the back garage?””

“She says she’s in there, and she’s not seeing them.”

To be perfectly truthful, I was getting REALLY frustrated with Garrett for not being more specific, and for not taking my frustration seriously enough to give me some useful instructions.  I felt like he was ignoring my question, leaving me to figure it all out on my own, and I was already late for an appointment and increasingly annoyed at my predicament.  Why won’t he just tell me something more specific like, “The books are in the north-west corner next to the white SUV” or something like that?

Finally, after going in and out three times and scouring the place, I came back to my car and took a deep breath.  Glancing up, I noticed there was another RV parked out front of the neighbor’s house next door, too.

Then it dawned on me.

I was in the wrong house altogether.  I had been prowling inside a stranger’s home; trespassing, combing their property for something that didn’t exist. Once I put myself in the right location, the instructions finally worked.  I met Garrett’s house guest, did the tricky latch thing, found the back garage, and retrieved the books.

Now for the lesson. (Of course, you knew I’d find an object lesson in this, didn’t you?)

Here it goes:

How often do you take advice on how to get what you want out of life, only to find that those instructions don’t produce the promised results?

Garrett promised there were thousands of books waiting for me – an abundance of what I wanted – and his instructions were perfectly accurate.  The fact that I could not receive them was not his fault.  The blame rested squarely upon my own shoulders for not making sure I was first oriented to the location that was supposed to be the starting point.

Perhaps you’ve found hope through various books, audios, or events from me or other teachers of success principles, but are having trouble experiencing the promised results.  If that’s the case, then let’s take a step back and find out if you’re in the right starting point for utilizing those instructions, shall we?

The MINDSET GENIUS™ FTMF (Family Time & Money Freedom) Program can help.  It opens wide its arms to gather in all who struggle to see results, and brings them first to square ONE.  If you’ll allow me to bring you to square ONE, then from there, the FTMF program will walk you step-by-step through an experience where you will get a taste of intentional success with something small, and then gives you the courage and confidence to apply the process to bigger and better things.  In fact, once you’ve experienced intentional success in spite of the obstacles once, and your brain has developed those new neuro-pathways for success, doing it again for bigger life-goals is a whole lot easier.

We have countless participants who get through the program and then repeat it again, the next time for something bigger and even more amazing.

No matter where you are now, after you let me guide you to square ONE, the MINDSET GENIUS™ FTMF course takes you to the next level and beyond.

Get started today.  I look forward to assisting you!


Originally published September 7, 2010


Are You More Like a Radio or an IPOD?

Ugh. I used to be sooooo good at self-discipline before I got married and had kids. I could give myself a command and follow it – no problem. I even took great pride in my exemplary existence (cough, cough).

But everything changed when I became responsible to a bunch of other people outside of myself. No longer could I set a self-improvement goal to do this or that for so many minutes or hours a day… because frankly, the kid who needs to throw up simply isn’t interested in what your calendar has down for the present hour.

But there are other reasons for failing personal goals, I’ve discovered. While I’d love to blame my kids or my husband for my shortcomings, I’ve found a much more nefarious culprit that is more often responsible for my flounderings and flub-ups.

It’s ME. My inner self, my core, my subconscious, my evil twin insider.

Whenever I try to behave in a way that is not entirely in sync with my inner core, the battle rages and victory slips away more often than not.

I figured it out, though. I learned that the real secret is to FIRST change your inner core, and then the battle to adopt better behavior is no longer quite the same struggle.

How the heck does that work? I’m glad you asked. Let’s start with this:

Stop and think of yourself as if you were a radio set. Basically, if you’re breathing, you’re plugged in. Your mind has a sort of receiver that picks up on influences all around you, which are broadcast through the airwaves and other forms of media.

And I’m not just talking about commercial data input, I’m also talking about what real life people in your world are doing, how they look, what they’re saying… the environment that you live in day in and day out, the buildings around you, the cars driving by, the weather outside your window…

These various images and sounds are all data input into your mind. But like I said, you are like a radio, and although there is all of this data swirling around in your mind, only SOME of it will catch your attention and influence your direction.

So, what’s been catching your attention? To what station are you tuned? Well, the station you’re tuned in to can be determined in large part by the outer conditions in your life: YOUR health, your wealth, and the quality of your relationships.

The fact is, many of the outer conditions in your life are a byproduct of your behaviors, which behaviors are really determined by the ideas and beliefs that have been deeply established in your subconscious mind.

It all comes down to how you see yourself – what you believe about yourself, and how you believe life is supposed to look for you.

So if you don’t like the way life looks, you can begin to improve your circumstances by tuning in on a different station of thought – to become consciously aware of DIFFERENT ideas and things in your environment than the ones you have been naturally, or automatically, noticing to this point.

To help this make sense, let’s look a little closer at how a radio works, and then we’ll talk about how this information applies to you and your life.


A radio doesn’t pull music into the room when it is turned on. It doesn’t suck the sound vibrations through the walls. No, it only makes audible the music that is ALREADY there.

That’s the thing about the laws of success or even the so-called “Law of Attraction”… people think that when you’re living according to the principles, you’ll “attract” everything you need to your life. But the fact is, you don’t attract it all, as much as you simply become AWARE of what is already within reach. It doesn’t get “sucked” into your life as soon as you start thinking right; by thinking right, the blinders fall from your eyes and you see things that have been there all along, but which you were not noticing.

So that’s why I want you to think about yourself as a radio. The solution to your problem is only an IDEA away, and the idea shows up like a sudden spark in your mind once you’ve tuned yourself to the right station.  The idea was already in the room with you, just as music is in the room even when the radio is turned off.

Portal to Genius: how to tune in to the right station

Here’s an example of this phenomenon from history:

The way to fly a plane has always existed. The awareness of how to do it was only made known after the Wright brothers tuned in through their passion and commitment to find the way.

Now lets look at, for example, a person who is trying to quit smoking. Deep inside, they are “one” with the cigarette. So to try to leave it alone is as hard as it gets. Even if they are successful at leaving it alone, deep inside they feel incomplete for a long, long time. I don’t mean to say that the following idea is the cure-all for everyone’s addiction, but I know of one very interesting case where the person made it a practice whenever they felt tempted by the cigarette, to say out loud in a brushing-it-off tone of voice, “Oh, I don’t do that anymore…” and they said it even if they didn’t really believe it in their heart for a long time.

The fact is, we are affected by the things we hear. If we continually listen to people on the same station – people who have the same problems we do – we will continue to hear only the broadcast that inspires us to nothing better than the life we already have.


A person who tells themselves (here’s a generic example of an affirmation), “I am happy, healthy, and wealthy” –  and they speak it out loud enough about the new desired “truth”, they will eventually start noticing other broadcasts (data input) around them that supports it.  They will be in tune to a different collection of ideas and solutions that they had never picked up on before – and they will begin to believe them where they may have discarded them as ludicrous before.

The person who said, “I don’t do that anymore” was essentially (and consciously) tuning in to a new level of thought. As a result, his inner core changed much quicker because his own ears heard his own voice make a statement of decision.

Compare that to a person who, every time he is tempted, says out loud, “I’m trying to quit, but I’m having a real hard time with it.”

Knowing which of the two people are more likely to succeed is hardly a mystery.

But what about a person who is strapped financially? Well, they have a problem, don’t they? But every problem has a solution, so let’s figure out where it is.

The solution to one’s problem is never on the same level of thought as the ones that got the person into the mess in the first place. As Einstein put it, “The significant problems we face in life cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” Notice he places responsibility for our problems squarely on our own shoulders.

The Key to Change

Would it be harder for a smoker to leave a cigarette alone, or for him to SAY the words, “Oh, I don’t do that anymore”, before it is 100% true?

Sometimes it’s hard to lie – aka, tell the truth in advance – but it’s MUCH harder to quit the behavior without first changing your inner core.

So take a look at your circumstances. The kind of home you live in, the occupation you hold, the balance in your checkbook, the condition of your relationships, your level of spirituality, your health… if any one of these areas could be improved, they are what they are (as Bob Proctor says) only because you lack the understanding on how to make them better.

You may think you know how to change it, but unless it has already changed, you only have an intellectual concept of how to change. Your thoughts about it are actually on the same frequency as the thoughts that got you to where you already are.

The real solution is probably not what you think it is. The good news is that the solution is continually broadcast over a different station, it’s even right there in your room right now, and your job is simply to “tune in” to it.

Need money? Quit telling yourself you’re broke. Quit saying, “I would, IF I could afford it.” “I will go, IF things work out.” These are thoughts which are tuned in to  a life of mediocrity.  If you want anything to change, you need to first begin thinking on a different level.

Different level of thinking?

Think of how many radio frequencies there are!

Just as there are countless radio frequencies, as we go through each day, we are also subject to the bombardment of a variety of broadcasts, right and left.

Every commercial, every billboard, every conversation, image and thought that we allow into our mind has an effect on us. Some input pulls us down to a lower level, and sometimes (thank heavens) we stumble onto something that uplifts us.

If we stay on a frequency that only brings static, chaos is often the physical manifestation of the confusion.

The ideas stored within our inner core are that which literally controls our behaviors, which in turn dictates our results. Take control of your results by first taking control of the data INPUT into your mind.

Ultimately it’s best to be like a radio, which is tuned in to the highest broadcast available. Divine inspiration fills the air on that channel. But if we are not already in tune on that level, it might be a good idea to be an IPOD for a while!

While a radio simply makes audible whatever is floating through the air on whatever channel your dial is tuned to, an iPod plays only exactly what you give it to play.

To Be Like an iPod

To be like an iPod means you consciously and carefully select messages to uplift you, until the elevated way of thinking becomes your natural way of life.

While a radio can be subject to every frequency available, an IPOD only delivers precisely what you give it.

So feed your mind with ideas that uplift, intentionally. Don’t wait for something good to float through the airwaves on the channel to which you’re tuned. Instead, purposely subject yourself to input created by mentors or musicians who live on a level where you want to be. In time, (and it can take time) your inner core will more naturally and automatically think on that elevated level.

If you don’t know how to tune in to a different frequency of broadcasted solutions (which present themselves as flashes of inspiration), you can at least listen on purpose to people who live on that elevated frequency.

I’d like to present a few ways that you can fill your personal mental iPod with great input. Some of these will not be right for you right now, some will. You can discern them simply by:

  1. Deciding first what YOU want out of life, and write it down. (Read “The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can” to understand why that’s important.)
  2. Letting yourself feel it as though it is already so, for at least a few minutes today.


If you do those two things, you’ll put yourself on a frequency where you will resonate with and recognize the solutions you need. Then when you look at someone’s recommended resources, you’ll be naturally drawn to one or the other… or none. Trust your gut and follow through. Act on the hunch, believing that you will discover what you seek. I will not pretend that what I have is the right thing for everyone, right now. Not everyone is in the right mindset to receive what I have to give, and that’s okay.

To receive guidance from THE highest power, tune in to God – your creator’s frequency by generating genuine feelings of gratitude. Feel grateful for life, however it is now, and then allow yourself to feel grateful for the life you want, even before it is with you. Pretend it is so in your mind and feel the gratitude. That is what turns your dial to a divine station of inspiration and guidance. It’s as simple as that.

Originally written November 9, 2002


What I Think of Dave Ramsey


For years I’ve been hearing about Dave Ramsey and I’m embarrassed to say that (without listening to him myself) I had him pegged as the guy who helps broke people manage their limited supply, while I elevated myself as the teacher who helps people expand their supply.

At first pass, this may appear to be the case. But I want to set the record straight.

Listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast and radio show has become one of the most inspiring, motivating things I do now for a number of reasons:

1) Dave’s advice is solid. Scripturally sound too, if that matters to you. I honestly wish we had been listening to him back when we first started making a lot of money. If we had, we wouldn’t have nearly lost it all in 2008.

2) The good news is that the principles I teach help you get what you want. The bad news is that the principles I teach help you get what you want. Did you catch that? They work even if you set stupid goals. Dave’s program helps you choose smart goals. REALLY SMART GOALS.

3) In the past, I’ve offered psychological strategies for getting out of debt. While they make sense according to the principles, human beings do a better job getting out of debt by following his advice than they do mine. In time, I hope to update and revamp some of my materials to reflect my new point of view. My tips may seem good and right as they are, but the fact is, he’s got a longer track record of helping MORE people actually achieve the debt-free goal, and I’m not afraid to tell you that.

4) I thought Dave was only about managing a limited supply. The truth is, he has a LOT to say about how to expand your cash flow. I never realized that before! Combine his tips with the principles you’ve been learning from me, and holy moly, you’d be unstoppable.

5) I thought Dave’s audience was only low income wage earners, and that high earning entrepreneurs had nothing to learn from him. GASP! Those of you who are already fans of his know how wrong I was. He has SMART guidance for helping you increase your income through entrepreneurship if that is one of your goals.

6) The principles I teach are a powerful and appropriate rescue when you’re in crisis. But once you get on your feet and start building for your future, his advice will keep you on a solid path. It will keep you out of debt. It will keep you prepared for emergencies, it will keep you on the path toward building wealth, and prepare you to give like no one else. At any point along the way, if you face another crisis, apply what you’ve learned from me to exercise faith and get yourself back on track quickly. Use the principles you’ve learned from me to achieve his baby steps in record time!

7) His baby step goals do not have to replace the goals you already have… but I do encourage you to listen to his podcast for a couple weeks and consider following his advice on what would be the smartest order for obtaining them.

8) He’s entertaining and seriously MOTIVATIONAL! There’s nothing more powerful than hearing people accomplish seemingly impossible things. Like paying off your house in your 20s, or paying off $500,000 in student loan debts in only three years, starting out making only $50K/year. We’ve already made greater leaps forward since listening to him than we were making before.

9) Dave loves to point out how most people who follow his baby steps usually end up getting raises, promotions, or increased business revenue in the process. He says that God tends to bless the person who is on the right path, and I believe that wholeheartedly.

10) Some people disagree with his investment recommendations. I’m not qualified to comment on those. But I do appreciate the education I’ve been receiving, so that I can at least make more informed choices than I’ve been able to make in the past.

Oh, there are plenty of other reasons I’m excited about Dave Ramsey and what I’ve been learning, but just so you know, getting paid to promote him is NOT one of them. He doesn’t know me from Adam – I’m just another one of his listeners.

I just know that if you are feeling a little uncertain about what goals you should choose next, or uncertain about how to get out of debt, or uncertain about how to do what needs to be done without going into more debt, or if you just want to know what it feels like to not HAVE any, then I wholeheartedly encourage you to listen to his daily radio show or podcast.

I have colleagues who do not agree with his philosophies. I have colleagues who don’t agree with me, either. I don’t always say the same thing as other mentors or gurus (here’s why). The fact is, different mentors’ messages have had particular application to our situation at different times along the way.

But now was the right time for us to learn from Dave.

At other times, other mentors have been right for us, and they had different counsel for us than what Dave would have taught. It’s all good. It’s all about getting the right advice at the right time. Not always because it is necessarily the best, but because sometimes we need to learn something from the experience, which helps us become more effective teachers.

(Remember the sidewalk and picnic analogy at the beginning of The Jackrabbit Factor free download?)

Some of the advice we’ve received over the years has been very expensive and painful – but the lessons we learned as a result was worth it. Without those lessons and life experiences, I never would have become the award-winning three-time international bestseller of The Jackrabbit Factor, Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters, and Portal to Genius

So… I guess it’s okay.

Still, I would have preferred to learn my lessons from other people’s mistakes (such as Dave’s) instead of my own. It would have been so much faster!

Anyway, Dave’s message may not be right for everyone right now (for whatever reason) but it’s a whole lot more right for more people than I ever gave him credit for.

Sorry Dave!