It’s PERFECT: The Mindset that Fixes Everything

Positive Thinking Tip: No matter how painful or embarrassing it was, it’s ultimately for your good and Perfect for helping you reach your highest potential.

I had one week left to prepare for an important event where I would be presenting some critical information about a business deal to some very important people. A knot would tighten in my gut each time I thought about it, but I consciously did my best to breathe deeply and relax, knowing the best outcome would happen if I could only stay in a peaceful mindset.

The night before the presentation I wasn’t quite prepared, and I knew it… not for lack of trying, but merely for a lack of time. I stayed up most of the night putting together the last of my research, trying to line it up to be a cohesive, logical persuasion for those who would be making a decision the next day. How well I did at the meeting could mean the difference between thousands of dollars down the tubes, or putting us potentially more than $100,000 ahead within 2 more months.

Not long before I was to speak at the meeting, I was given some new information about others who would be in the room who I had not expected… which added to my pressure. Besides allowing myself to become overly concerned with ‘what should I wear?!’ I also had to be concerned with whether or not my equipment would work properly with no time to test it thoroughly first.

As the meeting began, I knew I had done all I could possibly do to prepare. I had to trust that my best would be good enough, and that my faith in God would help make up for my human deficiencies. It would have to… there was nothing more I could do.

While I intellectually relied on God to make it all ‘okay’, I couldn’t seem to quiet my stressed-out, frantic heart. I was flustered, lost my train of thought frequently, and basically ‘blew it’. The opportunity to secure $100,000 slipped through my fingers as I pushed myself to just get through the meeting and finish saying what I went there to say.

I felt sick inside. What more could I have done? I had given it everything I had. I knew the principles… I knew that ‘when something is really, really horrible, it is in actuality really, really phenomenal…’ but no matter how hard I tried to think right, I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that it had been a disaster, and nothing more.

I tried to call my mentor to help me get my head back on straight, because I knew that was critical if I hoped to glean whatever benefit there was out of the situation. I HAD to think right, for I knew that my future beneficial circumstances depended on it. However, I couldn’t get through, and my messages were never returned, as though they had never been left in the first place.

Finally, I thought of an old friend of mine who I knew would understand and could help. Why I didn’t think of her first, I’m not sure. I gave her a call, and she laughed with me as I told her how pathetic the meeting had been, and after I had let it all out, she told me one thing that made all the difference.

She said, ‘Leslie, the meeting was perfect. You did your best, and everything that needed to be said was said in just the right way. Those people heard just what they needed to hear, and anyway, who do you think YOU are to decide what should and shouldn’t have been said?’

I knew she was right. I had done my best to prepare, and I had turned it over to God… and so who DID I think I was to pass judgment on what God made of it? Suddenly, I began to consider that maybe my mistakes were exactly what God knew would happen, and what He allowed to happen because He had some higher good in mind for me and the others involved.

Who am I to say that the deal should have happened the way I had wanted it to happen, anyway? One thing for sure, is that when something doesn’t go the way I think it should have, it’s generally because God has something even better in mind, and He is working to knock off my rough edges to prepare me to receive the very best He has to offer.

I choose to believe that.

There are a lot of things I may never know about what ripple effects came out of that meeting. I have since been made aware of some very important ones that did. But if nothing more, it has given me a new tool for the times I am struggling to feel better about a bad situation. I tell myself now, ‘It’s perfect’ even when I don’t see how it possibly could be.

Even the most painful, difficult circumstances in our lives are ultimately for our good. They give us experience, they teach us right from wrong, they help us grow toward our greatest potential if we don’t fight it.

Okay, so I messed up a presentation. I don’t really have it all that bad, do I? Worse things have happened, and besides, in some way, I know that it was all for my good. I came away a little tougher, a little more compassionate, a little more trusting in God.

Whatever seems horrible in your life right now, you can choose to trust… choose to believe that it’s the perfect thing for your personal development right now. As you calm down and believe this, you’ll find that it makes a huge difference in where your life goes from here.


To Anyone Who Know or Cares About a Teenager

I’m really excited about a new book that effectively teaches empowerment to our youth. Youth today often struggle with low self-esteem, bullies, or just living up to their potential in schoolwork, athletics, or music. You know your child has unlimited potential. Too often they cannot see within themselves what you see. You can help that teenager you care about with the breakthrough book, Your Superpowers.

My friend Steve Gardner has worked with thousands of teenagers on three continents. He has taught honor students, students with special needs, and regular classrooms full of high schoolers. He has worked as a councilor for youth. He inspires greatness wherever he goes. He is a currently a motivational speaker and his Superpowers Conferences help teens and pre-teens awaken to their true, divine potential. Now his book is on the verge of becoming an bestseller.


This is really an incredible opportunity, this book can connect with youth in ways that parents and teachers often can’t.

Check out what others have said about the book:

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Kindergarten Cop (Coming to a School Near You?)

This is a follow-up to a previous post on why I home school.

When my sixth child Bethany turned 5, she really wanted to try Kindergarten like her friends, even though we were already well established into home schooling some of her older siblings. I knew it meant a lot to her, so I consented.

That year, our family spent a lot of time out and about, exploring, conducting seminars, and doing lots of activities together.

Once, when I went to pick up my 5-year old from school, I stopped and the office and informed them that she was going to be gone again – we were heading out of town and I wanted to make sure they knew it should be excused.

The office assistant pulled up her record and said, “Uh, you know she’s already missed 9 days?” I nodded, “Yeah. So that’s why I wanted to make sure you knew this ahead of time, so we could get whatever work we’d need her to do while she’s gone.”

The woman said, “Well, you know she can’t miss more than 18 days during the year, or she won’t advance?”

“Right, which is why I wanted to let you know, so we could make sure it’s okay.”

“Have you received a visit from a police officer yet?”


“Well, if your child misses 8 (?) classes during any one semester, you’re going to get a visit from an officer…”

“But they’re excused…”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“Well, then who do I need to talk to, to get this approved, so we don’t have to have an officer visit??”

“You’ll have to talk to the head truancy officer at the district.”

(Remember, this girl is in Kindergarten.)

So I looked him up, told him the situation, and explained that we were going to be going on another family outing, so I could do whatever I needed to do to get this excused.

He said, “Have you had a visit from a police officer yet?”

Oh, mercy.

“No, I haven’t, and I was hoping to get this worked out so we could avoid that.”

I went on to explain that I homeschool my other children, and what we were doing, and why we kept pulling her out for different activities.

Finally he said, “You know what? If you get a visit, just explain what you’ve told me. It’ll be fine. I wish EVERY child in the district had a family like yours.”