Feedback: An Amazing Miracle

We recently received a new comment that I wanted to share with you. Katie writes:

katievI can’t even describe what an amazing miracle this course has been in my life. Everything has changed and I am a completely different person from when I started this journey in January.

In a nutshell…I went from a happy, but blah, letting-life-take-me-where-it-will-and-be-happy-with-it person, to a vigorous and excited, let-me-partner-with-God-in-creating-miracles person.

My husband is overwhelmingly excited to see this change in me and seriously awesome things are happening. I never would have imagined 8 months ago when I was sitting in my dingy apartment that I would be in a house on an amazing adventure with so many exciting dreams and achievable goals! The only downside is that it can sometimes get overwhelming how much there is to do right now. I know that I can use the laws to help me with that though also. This is just the next phase in my learning process! God is great.

PLEASE TAKE THIS COURSE, it will literally change your life. I tell everyone that I can about it. Thank you Leslie and Trevan!

Thank you, Katie for sharing this. I realize it isn’t the right time for everyone to be doing FTMF right now, but if you’ve been thinking about it, Get started HERE.


Human Empowerment, in Perspective


There are a lot of success “gurus” out there, and in spite of what some of my readers have said, I have to admit I don’t really see myself as one of them.

Having traveled the seminar circuit, and having written two award-winning and three best-selling books, I’ve been lumped in the category of speakers who “have it all together”—which is laughable to me.

I am an ordinary person who tries her best to do the right things, but who still makes mistakes just like anyone else—if not more so. Perhaps one difference between me and other people is that I’ve made a project out of publicly sharing the lessons I’ve learned (and have yet to learn) along the way.

(Thank you for coming along on my journey—it’s nice to have your company!)

So what’s the difference between me and the other “gurus”?

Well, one difference has to do with my perspective on human empowerment.

While some gurus teach that you are the ultimate master of your own life, and that you can have, do, and be whatever you want, and that you deserve to have everything life has to offer—my take on it is similar, but it’s different enough that I think it’s worth bringing up.

Some gurus will tell you that you deserve it all.

That’s reasonable, but realize this: They tell you that so you’ll overcome the common mindset that you don’t deserve abundance.

In that light, it’s a good philosophy. But it’s incomplete.

Yes, we must overcome the feeling that we are unworthy or undeserving of success—but the flip side of that is NOT that we are entitled to it, or automatically deserving of anything.

The antidote for feeling unworthy or undeserving (from my perspective, at least) is to believe that the gap between who I am, and my potential, can be bridged when I lean on the power of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Frankly, I “deserve” nothing because I fall so short of living the principles perfectly. But gratefully, I’ve also learned that I don’t have to be perfect to enjoy the blessings, I just need to recognize my shortcomings, acknowledge them, and rely on Him to make up the difference.

Think about it: if we’re really talking about Universal Law, and if it’s as absolute as the term “law” would indicate, then you would have to maintain a perfectly positive, expectant attitude ALL the time or the law of attraction wouldn’t work. Period.

Yet, while nobody keeps their thoughts perfectly (and I mean perfectly) positive at all times, goals are still achieved; victories are still won.

How do you explain that?

I explain it this way: God has provided a way for the demands of the law to be satisfied, but it requires honest effort to be obedient to the law, while I do my best to bounce back into right thinking as soon as I can, and having humility—humility which is demonstrated by acknowledging the role of, and my need for, a higher power in the delivery process, and hoping that God will make up the difference where I fall short when I trust him. (How’s that for a run-on sentence?)

It takes faith to believe that my Creator can and will help—but that’s the price I pay. The price is not to achieve perfect, unfailing obedience to all the laws of success every moment of every day. The price I pay is to do my best, and then have faith in God that he’ll line things up for me, anyway.

The key is unwavering faith.

Not unwavering faith in oneself, not unwavering faith in the laws (because that would mean nothing but predictable failure, from imperfect obedience to an absolute law), but rather: unwavering faith in God.

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So, do you subscribe to the philosophy that you ALONE are powerful enough to make your life the way you want it? It IS a better philosophy than believing that you are powerless to change anything—

But faith in yourself alone can only get you so far. Faith in a divine Creator takes you the rest of the way. In many ways, it can be harder to do, but when you get into the groove of it, it’s definitely the easier of the two options.

Some gurus will tell you that you’re the creator of ALL that comes to you. I see myself as a CO-creator with God. It’s a partnership. Yes, I am capable of original thought, and I am even capable of creating circumstances in my life with some independence.

But I’ve also learned (the hard way) that when I take the independent approach and get what I want, I find out that it may not have been the wisest thing to ask for.

(Be careful what you pray for, as they say—because you might just get it.)

Yes, I’ve seen astonishing results from applying the laws of success and utilizing the power of intention. But I’ve seen even better results when I first make the effort to determine whether my desire is in alignment with God’s divine plan. When I know with certainty that I am in alignment, it’s infinitely easier to have the faith required while I wait for the necessary elements to line up.

You might wonder, “What if what God wants for me is less wonderful than what I want for myself?”

I feel assured that we cannot possibly imagine the unbelievable rewards that are available for us; rewards that are beyond our comprehension.

We’re like the child who wants nothing more than the plastic toy in the store window, while our parents know that the joy will be short-lived, and that life has much deeper joys to be experienced.

So it is with us. Trust that the object of your desire may be, relatively speaking, childish in comparison to the rewards that are available to us. Check with the parent to see, “Is this something that will bring me ALL the happiness I’m capable of experiencing?”

True, you can use the laws of success to get what you want, apparently without God, sometimes with amazing ease. And using the laws in alignment with God’s purposes often puts you first through tougher challenges than by going independent…

That’s because He’s a good parent.

He’s smart enough to let you first grow into the person capable of appreciating and completely utilizing the reward when it finally comes.

Don’t begrudge the challenge that shows up when you set a goal. Embrace it with gratitude because it’s there to shape you into the person who will be able to fully appreciate the reward you seek.

Haven’t you heard that you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are? How else do you think you change who you ARE, without opportunities to grow through opposition?

Yes, I am the captain of my soul; I am a creative being, capable of original thought, and able to build a better life for myself—no matter who I am, or where I come from.

But without God I am nothing.

Before you get all up in arms about that, think about it: I don’t dictate whether I have the breath of life in me today or not; it could literally be gone in an instant. (Try attracting another breath with your positive attitude when God shuts off the power fueling your life.)

You may not already have everything you want, but you HAVE been granted another breath, at least. How much say did you have in that matter?

It’s a gift worth acknowledging. I look at all I receive as a gift, even when I’ve worked my tail off for it.

So in summary, I am constantly reminded by my weaknesses how dependent I am on that higher power for strength. I rely on unseen help for the guidance I need, which leads me to the necessary resources to accomplish the goals I have. Call it the law of attraction, call it guidance, call it your subconscious, call it whatever you want. The point is, there’s something bigger than all of us that helps us along.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been successful at achieving a goal with an attitude that I “deserved” it or was “entitled” to it. I think this is the reason why:

Sometimes when one of my own children comes to me with a request, and s/he approaches me with an entitlement mentality, I am more inclined to deny the request. (What makes me think a cocky expectation of a goal achieved is what will impress my Creator?)

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But when my child comes to me with gratitude for what they already have, and make the request for something additional, sometimes I’ll test them with, “What if I say no?”

If their response is, “That would be okay…” then I usually freely deliver.

When their response is anything resembling a tantrum, I hold it back. I can’t reward the ingratitude. Even if I want them to have it, I can’t deliver, lest they conclude it was their tantrum that did the trick.

It’s all just food for thought:

How are YOU asking Life for what you want? With an entitlement mentality, a tantrum, or with gratitude?

Are you going to be able to find peace of mind if it never comes? I think you’ll find that sometimes it only finally arrives after you’ve learned to live in genuine peace and happiness without it.  My newest book, Portal to Genius (free) helps you understand this better in a story form.

Wow, that post was longer than I intended. Sorry about that.

If you want to travel this journey with me, I can help you better if you’ll read The Jackrabbit Factor. (It’s free.)


Blessed are the flexible…

positive thinking tip:  Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

In this economy, if you don’t want to break, you’ve got to be flexible. Maybe your expected path to cash hasn’t panned out. Maybe all you’ve worked for has evaporated and you don’t know where to go from here.

To be flexible means to be open minded, to be teachable, to be able to bend into a form that may be unfamiliar, uncomfortable, awkward.

But when the alternative is snapping in half, it’s better to bend.

If you’re ready to look at how you might be able to thrive in this new economic environment, watch this video.

“See” you there!


Pain is Inevitable, Suffering Optional

Life is full of ups and downs, no matter how good you get at living the principles of success. You can be assured that everyone, everywhere will have plenty of opportunity throughout their life to experiment with different ways to deal with the inevitable and occasional pain.

Sometimes the pain is occasional, sometimes it seems pretty relentless. Sometimes it’s physical pain, sometimes it’s emotional pain, or some other kind of pain that gets our attention and causes us to start asking new questions that have never perhaps crossed our minds before.

One thing that most people don’t seem to realize, however, (and this is something my good friend Garrett Gunderson taught me), is that while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Let me say that again: Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

What does that mean? That means that it doesn’t matter what happens to you, it’s your choice what to do from there. So the pain is there. It deserves to be acknowledged, but does not deserve to rule you. You are the captain of your soul, and don’t you forget it.

How do you take charge and steer your life in spite of the pain? Though it’s possible, it’s rarely accomplished through a grand and sweeping immediate transformation. It’s accomplished in the moment – that one small, quiet moment when you choose to find the good that can be derived from the hardship.

The good always exists, and the more difficult the problem, the more glorious the potential victory. It’s accomplished one quiet moment at a time. The toughest work is internal, but conquer it there, and your external circumstances will ultimately be a reflection of that personal victory that took place in your mind.

Stop looking for the external world to change before you feel differently inside. That’s a sure formula for endless suffering.

The only thing you can truly control is your thoughts. Your thoughts determine your feelings, and your feelings emit vibrations that resonate with external factors. God’s Universe responds to those emissions, and your awareness becomes heightened to the ideas, resources, and people who will support you in those feelings, whether they’re progressive, or regressive… you’ll be supported either way.

Wallow, and you’ll be amply supplied with ideas, resources, and people perfectly suited to enable to you keep wallowing (or to even supply you with more reasons TO wallow!)

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, find gratitude for SOMEthing to change your vibrational emission, and you will be supplied with the ideas, resources, and people perfectly suited for helping you rise above the problem.

Remember, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Suffering is wallowing. Wallowing prolongs the suffering.

When we allow ourselves to wallow too long, inspired ideas are smothered away and cannot be discerned.

I’m not going to tell you that you can’t ever wallow at all – for heaven’s sake, I still have my turn once in a while and I’d be ticked at anyone who denied me the right to go there now and then. But I also know that there comes that point when it serves no more good purpose, and that’s the time to move through it and look for the ladder out of the pit.

The ladder’s always there, but until we’re ready to find it, and until we have determined plans to use it when it appears, it remains unavailable.

Are you ready to climb out? Is your pit of a financial nature? Are you looking for something you can do that will be more portable, more profitable, and more reliable than what you’re doing now?

Let me help you – one simple step at a time through my 12-week success system. Find out more at


Automatic, Portable Income

Last week the phone rang, and my 14 year-old son picked it up. I heard him say, “Hello? …Uh, yeah, just a minute.” Then he turned to me with a quirky look on his face and said, “A really HAPPY Kevin is on the phone for you.”

After I hung up the phone, my son had to know: “Mom, why was he SO happy??”

I just smiled… because it was no reason in particular except that this guy spends his days helping people create automatic, portable incomes. He makes a difference in people’s lives and has everything to be happy about.

In the past, he used to put his life on the line for a living, literally. (You should hear those stories!) but now his work is safe, flexible, lucrative, and extremely fulfilling.

The bottom line is, he loves what he does.

His happiness is contagious, too. I saw what his cheerful, energetic demeanor over the phone (for just 5 seconds) did for my son.

How do you answer your phone? Are people glad to be around you because you leave them feeling happier than before?

Think on that for today… and put a smile on someone’s face by the way you speak to them.

Anyway, stay tuned… I’ll be introducing you to Kevin in a couple weeks and you’ll see what I mean. In a free telecall, he’ll give you some tips on how to create an automatic income doing something you love, too.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you can get the details as soon as I release them!

(P.S. The image above is not Kevin, but captures the feeling of the moment so I just had to include it!)


New Rules to Get Rich in today's economy

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Too much Information?

positive thinking tip: Don’t be overwhelmed by Too much good information. stay Focused on your goal, and the information you really need will naturally show up when you’re ready for it.

Do you ever feel overloaded with too many options, too much information, too many people telling you what to do to succeed?

You’re not alone. Here’s an email I received, and my reply on the matter.

Linda said:

I don’t know if you will actually answer this, but I am getting frustrated because I am getting INUNDATED with various “I have the secret YOU need to be successful in life” emails / offers / programs / gimmes!

I certainly can’t do them all simultaneously, and while they may all be worthwhile, it seems to me there is a lot of redundancy. I am STILL trying to work my way through your materials, and I don’t know that I need to get something ELSE while I still have not finished what I HAVE!

…I feel like I am spinning my wheels with a “Lo here” and a “Lo there” … like the poor guy trying to catch the rabbit in the same way the fox / wolf / whatever did! Any words of wisdom you could share would be appreciated. Thanks! Linda

My response to Linda (with a few more little notes):

Breathe, Linda, breathe. 🙂

There’s a lot of noise out there, and you can trust that the RIGHT next step will be there when you’re ready for IT. Just because it’s good, it doesn’t mean you have to jump on it immediately. It will be there again when you’re ready for it, if it really is the right thing for you to do.

I don’t open all my soliciting emails. I only open them if I’m currently seeking an answer to a burning question, and only if the email that shows up seems like it might have the answer to THAT question.

I get information overload if I look at all of them. Sometimes I have to prioritize and say, “I just don’t have the mental bandwidth to wrap my brain around ANYthing else right now” – and then I go forward – at peace taking things at my own pace, knowing that I do not have to run faster than I have mental, emotional, or physical strength.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. If too many teachers appear, get clarity on your overall objective. Once that is back in focus, the right ones will be obvious – you’ll know it in your gut – and the wrong ones in that moment will no longer have a magnetic pull on you.


True Story – FREE Disney!

Hey there – I just received this message and thought it would be fun to share it with my readers.


I have really been enjoying these lessons. Your literature and info is very edifying and uplifting. You asked about people sharing their story of improved circumstances, so I thought I’d do my part…

Our family has really always been very blessed. Not that we’ve always done that great financially, but we have experienced great favor through our lives. This year has been an extremely difficult year in a number of ways. My husband is in new home sales and we all know what that’s been like in this recent economy. Thank goodness for previous good years and our building up our savings account! We’ve definitely needed it this year. Last year I began an online business trying to generate income and hopefully, eventually help get my husband out of this very stressful “job”. It’s been a great challenge and I’m learning SO very much, but not YET seeing the real fruit of my labors. (But it’s coming…I know it!)

Anyway, we REALLY were needing a break and to get away with our family, but we didn’t have a lot of money to do it. We have 3 kids (14, 15 and 20) We decided to visit our friends in Florida and take some time to do Disney. We knew that we could stay with our friends and they usually are able to get us passes to get into Disney FREE! Through various interventions and surprises, not only did they get us 3 days of passes with park hopping privileges to go to all 4 Disney parks, but they somehow were able to get us a huge suite at the Old Key West Disney Resort for 4 nights! FREE!! Our only expense was gas and food. Our suite even had a full kitchen. But that’s not all…

While visiting at our friend’s home one evening, they asked our son to sing and play his guitar. He is a gifted singer/songwriter and has a dream to record, travel, etc. He has a Christian band that is working on a demo, but he also has a solo project he’s working on. (He is 20 years old) The people there were blown away by his gift and anointing. They were speechless and in tears. (He is quite amazing if I do say so myself) They immediately said they wanted to fly him back in a couple of weeks to introduce him to their 5000 member congregation and pay his way to a Men’s Intervention weekend they are having. They called their pastor and he was very excited to meet him and have him come. Then there was a glitch because the airline tickets were anywhere from $400 to $700 and they weren’t going to be able to do that. We all said if it was supposed to happen, it would. My sister was then able to get him a ticket on stand-by for $150 round trip! But that’s not all…

This entire trip has been filled with a flow of new and exciting ideas for our whole family. My husband is excited about some inspired ideas and prospects he has and is beginning to implement. All I can say is we’ve got our seatbelts fastened and we’re holding on! I attached a picture (if you want to take the time) of me and my kids on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios. Yes, I’m screaming in terror, but I’m excited and having fun…much like this rollercoaster ride we’re on now!

Becky S.

Keep the stories coming! What have the principles done for you?