Creating Money in the Moment

I’ve recently been engrossed in learning some NEW (to me) principles that will help YOU learn how to “create money in the moment.”

I’m not talking about a money-making scheme, but PRINCIPLES that can be applied to any endeavor… principles I have not fully disclosed in any of my books or programs… yet.

Let me remind you: when you discover, and operate consistently by the right principles, you can be at peace, even in the face of catastrophe, knowing that you WILL ultimately succeed. Do you feel like something is still missing, even after all you’ve learned so far?

I’m not entirely prepared to release the information, but you can be sure it will be covered in The Jackrabbit Factor sequel (in progress), and it is also explained extensively as a follow-up course for FTMF graduates in the online School of Life Mastery.

It begins with discovering your sole – or soul – purpose, which is the fully expressed application of YOUR unique combination of talents, interests, experiences, and abilities.

Nobody else can quite do what YOU are here on this planet to do. The more you operate in your soul purpose, the more intelligent, the more productive, the more efficient, and the more profitable your labor will be.

As Garrett Gunderson (New York Times best selling author, and co-author of my upcoming Jackrabbit Factor sequel) explains, “Soul purpose is your ultimate tool of production — your ultimate tool for creating money in the moment.”

Imagine how it would feel to have no fear of worldwide or local economic disasters, because you know the value that YOU are perfectly equipped to add in any circumstance, and for which you can always receive compensation. That’s the power of finding and developing your Soul Purpose.

Stay tuned, and I’ll help you discover yours.



How committed are you to your dream?

When it looks as though all opposition is stacked against you, do you decide that the dream is just too far out of reach?

One precarious step at a time, the climber who keeps putting one foot in front of the other will, in time, get to the top. It’s not a smooth, downhill journey to be sure.

Maybe you feel like it’s getting scarier, bumpier, and oftentimes darker than you thought it should be; but in spite of it all, so long as one more step can be taken, you have something to do. The way will be lighted as you keep taking yet another step of faith into the darkness.

I can hear you through cyberspace saying, “But you don’t know what I’m up against!”

That may be true. But what I do know is that there are principles of success that apply to everyone, in whatever situation they find themselves. Somewhere in the world is someone who is worse off than you, and still determined to achieve their dream, and still taking one more step no matter how weary they are, so I want you to hang in there, too.

Dreams worth living for are dreams worth fighting for. In fact, if they weren’t worth fighting for, they wouldn’t be worthy of you.

I received an email I want to share with you. Here is a man who is determined, against the odds.

I believe this man will ultimately succeed, because of the priority he places on gaining knowledge. While a bankruptcy may permanently kill the dreams of the average person, this man has taken the lessons he’s learned, is picking up the pieces, and starting the climb again with a deeper commitment to moving forward with more wisdom, more understanding, more maturity, and probably even more compassion for others who face similar difficulties.

See if you would think like this if you were in his shoes:

Hello Leslie & Trevan, I bought the FTMF course sometime early last year. I had a little resistance to writing stuff down, but wanted to make this a priority… until I had a major setback.

I took care of my elderly parents for 5 years and my mother lived to be 94. For the last 2 years she was alive, she couldn’t get out of bed without my help, so I became a full-time caregiver with no income, taking care of her 24 hours a day, living only on her social security and barely making the bills. At that time, I defaulted on a few credit cards.

In July of 2008, one of my creditors garnished my wages. They were taking 25% of my $10/hr salary, and I live alone. I didn’t want to declare bankruptcy, and I resisted it for 8 months while I was working as much overtime as possible, often working 12/13 hours a day, and barely able to meet my bills. Of course, I had eliminated as many bills as possible by discontinuing services such as television and long distance phone service, and moving out of a storage space. I had already stopped paying for house insurance.

I went without my car for 6 weeks because I didn’t have $300 for a car repair.

But I kept telling myself, there are a lot of people worse off than I am. I should be thankful for what I have. At least I have a job, even though I wasn’t able to take home my full salary.

In March, I was unable to pay my rent at the beginning of the month, in spite of all the overtime I was working. I pawned my mother’s diamond ring and paid a bankruptcy lawyer to put a stop to the garnishment. So by April 15th, I started getting my full salary again. On May 15th, I went to court for the meeting with the Trustee. All my papers were in order. It will be another few months before the bankruptcy is dismissed, but I have done my part.

Now, it’s time to get back to my FTMF course. I did manage to send you the money for the FTMF CD’s in December. There was no way I was going to miss out on that.

I have really been enjoying them, but I have to go back and start from the beginning and write down the things I did not do the first time.

I want to concentrate on this, as I feel it is the key to my future. I still look at all of the opportunities out there, but I am aware that if I try to start or join some business with my previous mindset, I can expect the same results as I was getting before.

There is no need to jump into anything at this point. Except my FTMF manual!

I’m really excited about the School of Life Mastery. This is a way for you to open the FTMF program up to a lot of people who don’t think they can come up with the money for the regular manual (although I’m very glad I did.) There are so many people who need this! C. J.

Now, did you notice how this reader, in spite of his difficulties, found something to be grateful for? We all have something for which we can be grateful, no matter how bad things may seem to be.

Finding gratitude shifts something in your mind and heart, and opens doors that help you see what your best next step should be.

That’s what I call initiating the Jackrabbit Factor in your life: setting a goal properly with the right mindset, and as a result, instinctively knowing what you should do next to achieve it.

Today’s economic conditions are causing a real “shake-up”. Some people will rise to the top, and some will stay buried. If you work on your mental buoyancy, you’ll rise to the top like a ping pong ball in a tumbler of sand. If you let yourself stay discouraged, you’ll sink to the bottom like a rock.

What happens to you in this economic shake-up will depend on how you choose to demonstrate your determination today. Keep learning, so that you’ll have the mental buoyancy to rise to the top.